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What are some possible grounds for declining to Participate Graciously in a 

 1. It is essential that we be free to do all that we can do to WIN-Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts!   All people must
    have the unrestrained right to WIN; so that only the fittest survive - - - without biased interference by any authority
    outside of the fit competitors.

 2. No-Corrupt-Government has the right to decide who-should-win-competitions for economic-success-through-the-being-
    the-best-provider-of-goods-and-services; as determined by buyers in the free market place.

 3. No authority should have the power to undermine the reliability of the free-market-place to decide who can provide the 
    best goods and services at the best price.

 4. There should be no restraints upon haw fast the economy in any realm of economic activity - - - may grow each year.

 5. The essence of a healthy-economy is one that is free to grow as fast as providers of goods and services can provide
    more goods and services to satisfy the demands of greedy buyers each years.   Unending Exponential-Growth will prove
    to be the best provider of a healthy-economy!

 6. Letting the market-place demand-more-fossil-fuels and minerals - - - will generate the motivation to find more fossil
    fuels and minerals at the prices which buyers will are willing to pay.  Let theories about finite supplies be banned
    and dammed!  The Economic-System will prove them to be wrong!

 7. All people must have the Unrestricted-Right-to-Win Their-Best Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception!  All
    Competition is Good for the survival of our Best-Civilization there ever has been, in God's Astronomically-Tiny-and
    Isolated Space-Ship-Earth!  Not even the sky is the limit!  Inter-Stellar-Space-Beckons US to travel there and profit
    out there as here on Earth!  There is no limit to the SUSTENANCE OF PROFITS!

 8. Add your own most trust-worthy reasons to let the market-place operate without any restraints or limitations imposed
    by any corrupt governmental authority.  The least governmental authority is the best governmental authority for