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KEYS ****

From the Perspective of Successful-Domineering-Bullies; the Keys-to-Security-Heaven involve:

 1. Unilateral Defensive and Offensive-Actions more extreme than those of the Evil-Enemies' Efforts.

 2. Maintaining   In-Place,   God's Most Profitable-Conflicts    For-Them.

 3. Perfecting-Each-Newest-Alienative-Technology,   for Maintaining-Invulnerability.

 4. Expanding  Offensive-Coalitions  and Loyalties.
 5. Expanding  Defensive-Coalitions  and Loyalties.

 6. Maintaining-Invulnerability  Without-Doubt 

 7. Winning  ALL-Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception.

 8. Exponentially Expanding  Realms-of-Control-and-Domination;   without any   Long-Term-Time  limitation.

 9. Creating More Defensive-Technologies-and-Powers; via Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes in D.C.

10. Eliminating all Forms-of-Evil   and   Terrorists.

11. Eliminating all Doubters, Questioners and Questions - - - about the above Essential-Efforts-to-Achieve-Security.

12. Finding and Eliminating all Challengers and Possible-Traitors   who   are   NOT   with   US  all  of  the  way!


           In the Light of the above reflexive perspectives; each of the following - - - 

                   Strike Terror into the Hearts of Loyal-Domineering-Bullies:

                          People who are Comfortable Being Involved In:

                  Intimate-Relationships           Reflexive-Honest-Relationships     

                  Reflexive-Honest-Dialogues       Reflexive-Listening

                  Collaborative Efforts/Work       Cooperative Efforts/Work          

                  Coordinated Efforts/Work         Sanctuaries open to all who seek them.

                  Exploratory Ways of Shalom       Exploring the Ways of LOVE

                                       TRANSCENDING AND LETTING GO OF:

Defenses      Invulnerability          Unilateral-Actions        Alienative-Conflicts      Technologies-of-Invulnerability

Coalitions    Defensive-Technologies   Offensive-Technologies    Fear-of-Strangers         Suspicions of Strangers

Suspicions of True-Lovers in LOVE      Suspicions of Mitigators of Alienative-Conflicts    Suspicions Honest Dialogues