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KEYS ****
Some people are likely to find it impossible to believe that there are other different people who are trully
not-trying to be dominant in any way!  Not-Engaged in any competative-activity.

Such incredulous people are likely to believe that it is impossible to survive or achieve anything of significance
- - - without trying to Win-Conflicts-and-Competitions.

Such people are likely to believe that it makes-no-sense to try to Mitigate Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts.  No-Way!
Never! It cannot be so!

Such people are likely to be forever-trapped-in: Destructive, Alienative, Disintegrative and Contentious-Efforts
- - - - with-no-possible-end; in the absence of True-Lovers who can help many people to Transcend-and-Let-Go-of-
Alienative: Conflicts, Competitions, Dominations, Opprerssions, Violence, Coercion, etc.

The-Tragedy is that Such-People will find it difficult to accept help from the people who can best help them;
because of the two sets of people have very little in common upon which to base any foundation of mutual 
trust and understanding.