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KEYS ****

In a Gracious Work-Shop on how to help peopple to Mitigate-Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts - - - it will
Never-be-Helpful for participants to BE-DISTRACTED by focusing a Large-Amount-of-Time upon: Resources, Materials, 
Texts, Speeches, etc. which affirm behaviors which can reasonably be described as involving ALIENATIVE:

Debates       Arguments       Contests      Contentions     Battles         Fights        Competitions   Alienations

Negativity    Polarizations   Dichotomies   Violence        Manipulations   Meanness      Pretentions    Dishonesty

Misleadings   Confussions     Chaos         Entropy         Dis-Trust       Suspicions    Fears          Anxieties

Terrors       Dis-Eases       Rituals       Conspiracies    Hopelessness    Depressions   Dengrations    Abandonments

Controls      Demands         Commands      Technocracies   Technocrats     Techniques    Weapons        Defenses