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KEYS ****

Often in Efforts to Mitigate Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts - - - We must recognize that what other people want is not
obviously closely relatted to any real and/or healthy needs of anybody.  What Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters
often want-to-get, and feel that they have a right-to-get For-Themselves - - - is MORE-THAN whatever they perceive/believe
that their neighbors - - -  have a right-to-get-and-enjoy For-Themselves - - - in regards to:

      Wealth        Powers            Influence        Luxuries           Goods        Admirers      Security

      Servants      Technologies      Defenses         Securities        "Stuff"       Protectors    Invulnerability

When many people are in competition for Having-MORE Than-Each-Other-Person;  there will inevitably be Destructive-
Alieantive-Feed-Back-Loops regarding Getting-and-Hoarding-MORE inside of God's Astronomically-Tiny-Isolated ]
Space-Ship-Earth;  Orbiting-Through the Unimaginably which is : Vast, Empty, Cold and Laced with Cosmic-Ray-
Sub-Atomic-Bullets capable of killing all Mortals trying to Engage in Inter-Stellar-Space-Transport of Humans and Material-Resources - - - an unimaginably resource-consumptive effort in terms of energy and throwth-away mass due
to the demands of rocket-propulsion while working within the framework of the most Reliable-Descriptive-Conservation-
Laws regarding Mass-Energy and Linear-Momentum within The-Four-Dimensional-Time-Space of God's Vast Cosmos.

Do world-wide-web-searches regarding Rocket-Propulsion and the Conservation of Linear-Momentum and of Total-Energy
and Electric-Charge.  Beware of assuming that Fusion-Energy is likely to be available to power such rocket-propulsion!
People who smoke that pipe often get out of contact with reality!  Addictions can be devastating!