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KEYS ****

We cannot truly Mitigate-OUR-OWN-Alienative-Conflicts without Mitigating-Many-Alienative-Feed-Back-Loops - - -
that Amplify old Alienative-Conflicts in ways which augment the kinds, numbers and severity of previously-
existing Alienative-Conflicts and Patterns-of-Alienation.

Alienative-Feed-Back-Loops are often difficult to identify and talk about - - - because some of them are
in traditional technical-language referred to as:

1. Positive-Feed-Back-Loops       versus       2. Negative-Feed-Back-Loops   - - -  where

   "Positive" connotes the augmentation of some reality which can be either a desirable reality;
                                                          or  can be        an un-desirable reality.

                                         and      "Negative" connotes the Mitigation of some reality
                                                        which can be either a desirable reality;
                                                          or  can be        an un-desirable reality.

              There is a lot of room for confusion over the connotations of the words "Positive/Negative"

                                                    in association with "desirable/un-desirable" realities.

              It may help to seek to identify the ways in which Alienative-Feed-Back-Loops affect our lives
              in either INTEGRATIVE = CONSTRUCTIVE and/or in  DIS-INTEGRATIVE = DESTRUCTIVE ways.

              In either RECONCILING = CREATIVE     and/or in  ALIENATIVE    = DESTRUCTIVE ways.

              The Following Realities are likely to play important roles in many Alienative-Feed-Back-Loops;
              and in Reconciling Our-Selves with Each-Other within God's Astronomically-Tiny-and-Isolated
              Space-Ship-Earth Within the unimaginably VAST, COLD and DANGEROUS COSMIC-VOID which is NOT
              the Place-to-GO-TO-to-Escape; from God's Astronomically-Tiny-and-Isolated Space-Ship-Earth,
              if we have made it no-longer-habitable!

                          Violence        Coercion      Greed                 Arrogance   
                          Kindness        Gentleness    Generosity            Humility

                          Domination      Attacks       Rejections            Banishments

                          Repressions     Threats       Shunnings             Abandonments

                          Suppressions    Terrors       Terrorism             Terrorists

                          Rewards         Punishments   Prisons               Wars

                          Pleasures       Pains         Costs                 Risks

                          Empathy         Sympathy      Sensitivity           Listening

                          Indifference    Meanness      Torture               Prisoners

                          Dialogues       Listening     Mutuality             Balance

                          Excommunication Meanness      Stealing              Injustice

                          Reconciliation  Healing       Diplomacy             Cooperation

                          Polarization    Dichotomies   Contentions           Anger

                          Integrations    Creativity    Flexibility           Adaptability

                          Maskings        Confusion     Misrepresentations    Lies

                          Transparency    Clarity       Authenticity          Truths

                          Chaos           Confusion     Deception             Secrecy

                          We clearly need to Cooperate-With-Others  in  The-Crew to set our priorities!