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KEYS ****

           SUSTAINABLE  - - - Personal-and-Communal

        Integrative-Processes and Present-Integrities

          Are-Made-Possible by the extents to which

            The Following Reflexive-Realities are:

Graciously-Present through 
Intentional Consensuses that 
are Essential-Foundations of-
                                       OR-ELSE are By-Consensus Viewed-as-DANGEROUS
                                       Disintegrative-Threats To-Be-Transcended and LET-GO:

-----------------------------          ----------------------------------------------------

Honesty and Authenticity               Pretentions  and   Artificiality

Hospitality  in Generosity             Exclusivity  serving Geed

Systems Analyses by Lovers             Winning Collusive Games of Mutual Self Deception

Reconciliations and Diplomacy          Rejections and Excommunications

Admirable Exemplary Models             Alienative Enforcements of Standards 

Modesty and Humility                   Arrogance and Hubris

Balance and Moderation                 Unrestrained-Exponential-Growth

Cooperation and Colaboration           Domination and Controls

Gracious-Wealth-Sharing                Concentrating Wealth-and-Powers

Trust in Gracious Intimacies           Suspicions in Violent-Relationships

Power-Sharing                          Suspicions in Power-Concentrations

Creative-Tolerance                     Demands for Intolerance

Peace in Being-Together in Shalom      Maintaining terrorism in Wars on Terrorism

Listening within Honest-Dialogues      Threats of Shunning and Banishment

Affirmations in Words and Deeds        Repressions and Suppressions via Negations

Welcomed Healings of Alienations       Attacking Terrorism with Terrorism

Tranquility and Repose in Shalom       Contentions in Polarizations/Dichotomies

Mitigations of Alienative-conflicts    Augmenting-Alienative-Conflicts with Violence


The SUSTAINABILITY of each civilization depends upon how well the whole crew of the
particular Space-Ship communicate and cooperate in assuring that the needs of each
member of the crew of the Space-Ship are Graciously-Satisfied; and/or on how much
Alienative-Conflict occurs in Competitions, Fights, Battles, etc.