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It is  Dangerous-and-Risky  To-Live-With  the belief that any of the following numbered-
lines - - -   describe accurately   THE-ESSENCE   of SECURITY   and/or  of THE-GOOD-LIFE:

 1. The Absence of Danger.
 2. The Absence of Risk. 
 3. The Absence of Threats.
 4. The Absence of Evil.
 5. The Absence of Alienation.
 6. The Absence of Confusion.
 7. The Absence of Doubt.
 8. The Absence of Vulnerability.
 9. The Absence of Needs.
10. The Absence of Costs.

The only way for one to avoid, and to be free of, all of the above, is to be DEAD.

To the extent that one person is completely free of all of the above noted realities;
to that extent, the one person is effectively DEAD.

The error above, resides in focusing upon any one ABSENCE-as-ESSENTIAL; for then,
ONE is driven-and-guided by FEAR in: IGNORANCE, CONFUSION and ALIENATIVE-

The above paragraph comes closer to describing the Essence-of-Security in Admirable-
and-Honorable Personal-Relationships; than does any description of any form of any
absence of any kind of:

              Danger,     Risk,   Threat,        Evil,      Alienation, 

              Confusion,  Doubt,  Venerability,  Need  or   Costs.

God is Still Speaking!  Listen!    Describe what you hear and understand as helpful!