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KEYS ****

Many people are unaware of physical realities such as: Energy, Linear-Momentum, Angular-Momentum, Electric-Charge,
Rest-Mass, Baryon-Number, Lepton-Number, Strangeness and Isotopic Spin - - - all of which can be measured as overall
conserved attributes that are present in complex interactions and processes within Space-Time-Contexts.  They 
serve as bases for understanding what is: likely, possible and impossible within the context of reliable patterns
of how their total amounts remain constant - - - during very complex processes.

While not aware of the above kinds of constants in the midst of many changes - - - many people firmly believe that
their desired and envisioned processes for self-satisfaction - - - are possible because they can be imagined.
In fact, many imaginable-process - - - are utterly-impossible; like turning lead-into-gold, or aluminum-into-silver.

The following such Imaginable-Processes - - - are utterly-impossible, no matter how hard we wish them to be possible.
Fulfilling the following Imaginable-Processes - - - would involve the violation of descriptive-laws-of-physics that 
have been shown to be utterly reliable in all known kinds of contexts throughout the whole cosmos.

 1. Inter-Stellar Round-Trip Space-Travel by mortals.

 2. Resupplying Space-Ship-Earth-Well with many Essential Material-Resources as the original supplies all get used up.

 3. Sustaining Exponential-Growths of most Exponentially-Growing-Human-Activities such as Population-Growth and

    per capita-per-year consumptions of: oil, natural-gas, coal, uranium, copper, iron, aluminum, silver, gold, rare-
    earth-elements, and other metals.

 4. Individual-Mortals communicating back-and-forth readily with many other civilizations outside of our Milky-Way

 5. Inventing vast new supplies of Primary-Sources-of-Energy to satisfy our growing demands for more energy to make
    our economy grow as we want it to grow - - - exponentially without any end.

 6. Wonderful New-Technologies based upon Laws-of-Physics which fundamentally-contradict the currently thoroughly 
    confirmed Laws-of-Physics and serve as the basis of all modern engineering.

 Star-Trek stories are wonderful stories - - - founded upon fantasies were well known to the story-tellers 
 to be utterly impossible.  Search the world wide web for "Star Trek Physics" for some details, with contrasting
 opinions by different people about what is possible and what is impossible.  Beware of paying heavy taxes to fund 
 what is impossible!  We have paid heavy taxes for wars that cannot mitigate our own Alienative-Conflicts!  And 
 we have paid heavy taxes in broken families and broken trust.