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When Tragedies occur - - - it is common for people to seek to identify some person or persons to blame, to-be-
guilty, to-shame, to-punish - - - as if any of those actions would do anybody any real good.

Our dilemma is that Tragedies are the playing out to a terrible conclusion of some major conflict between some
peoples' most honored and greatest: Ideals, Values, Traditions, Rituals, Virtues, Goals, Hopes, etc.  It is not
common that any one person or few persons alone were the "cause" of a Tragedy.  There may be some person or 
persons that becomes the focus of an Alienative-Conflict which pervades a community; but such a focal person is
usually the embodiment of pervasive communal: Ideals, Values, Traditions, Rituals, Virtues, Goals, Hopes, etc. - - -
which are not truly: coherent, authentic, well-integrated, OR the focus of Open-and-Honest-Dialogues among diverse
people with diverse points-of-view and perspectives.  Who then can helpfully be blamed, shamed, dammed or punished?

When Tragedies occur; communities need to engage in Open-and-Honest-Dialogues to identify the Alienative-Conflicts
which led to the Disintegrative-Outcomes; Mourn their Lack-of: Coherence, Authenticity, Integrity - - - and turn to
Collaborative-Cooperative-Coherent efforts to Mitigate-their-still-present Alienative-Conflicts.