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How can we most-reliably - - - in terms of Long-Term-Sustainability of our Humane-Civilizations - - -
Frame-Gracious-Helpful-Questions about the Sustainability of Our-Own-Civilization's-Integrity?  Upon what
features of Long-Term-Sustainability of Humane-Civilizations - - - can we most helpfully focus our attentions?

We need to focus - - - Equally upon both Personal-and-Communal-Forms of:

 1. Open and Honest-Dialogue - - - which includes Listening, Paraphrasing and Confirmations of Paraphrasing.
 2. Integrations, Integrative-Processes and Authenticity,
 3. Cooperation-and-Colaboration,
 4. Coordination-and-Communication,
 5. Objective-and-Reflexive Comprehensive-Systems-Analyses,
 6. Creative-and-Distributive Justice,
 7. Balance-and-Mutuality in Shalom,
 8. Balanced-Generosity-and-Equality in Shalom,
 9. Meeting all the Most-Basic-Health-Needs of all Crew-Members of Space-Ship-Earth,
10. Sensitivity, Empathy and Sympathy toward all Crew-Members of Space-Ship-Earth,
11. Kindness, Gentleness and Reconciliation,

                                     Letting-Go-of Our-Own-ALIENATIVE  

Conflicts-and-Competitions    Technologies, Techniques, Technocrats, and Technocracies      Successes and Winnings

Punishments, Revenge, and Prisons    Domination and Controls    Superiority and Purity      Conformity and Uniformity

Prescriptions and Proscriptions      Demands, Commands, Laws and Formalities                Consumptive-Luxuries

The Quality-of-Lives and Sustainability-of-our-Civilization - - - can best be recognized in the above terms;
rather than in traditional Technocratic and Economic-Terms which experience has shown are NOT-SUSTAINABLE.  Surprise!