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Reflexive-and-Objective Analyses OF NON-SUSTAINABLE human behaviors. often follow from regretted-facts-of-life THAT:

 1.  God's Space-Ship-Earth is in fact Astronomically-Tiny-and-Isolated from all Practically-Significant
     Extra-Terrestrial-Supplies of Material-Resources that are Effectively-and-Practically-Equivalent to
     the Material-Resources that are most coveted by Members-of-The-Crew of God's Space-Ship-Earth.

 2.  The Most-Reliable-and-Accurate  Mathematical-Analyses of Patterns of Exponential-Growth - - - are helpful
     in supporting the following Descriptive-Statements about the LONG-TERM Non-Sustainability of various 
     patterns of Human-Behaviors:

        Exponentially-Increasing rates of Consumption and/or Pollution of the Following-Coveted-Material-Resources:

        Oil      Natural-Gas      Coal     Bio-Masses     Bio-Gasses    Uranium      Air      Water     Ice

        Copper   Iron             Nickel   Silver         Gold          Platinum     Rare-Earth-Elements

 3. Behaving in Net-Negative  and Net-Contentious  Patterns-of-Daily-Behaviors - - - are NOT-SUSTAINABLE Long-Term.

 4. Being Net-Dichotomous and Net-Polarizers in our Patterns-of-Daily-Behaviors - - - is NOT-SUSTAINABLE Long-Term.

 5. Trusting, Honoring, Admiring, Supporting and Electing-to-Leadership-Positions - - - Domineering-People 
    who Affirm-and-Demonstrate the Life-Styles, Ideals, Values, Principles and Virtues of Domineering-Bullies
    and of Mobbing-Mobsters; e.g., in Concentrating Public-and-Private: Wealth, Power and Influence-means
    There-Unto - - - are NOT-SUSTAINABLE.

 6. We are not SUSTAINABLE IN: Trusting, Honoring, Admiring, Supporting and Demonstrating the "Redemptive-Powers" 

        Violence    Salvation         Coercion        Demands        Commands       Threats           Attacks

        Rescues     Purifications     Improvements    Militarism     Colonialism    Empire-Building   Profiteering

        Defenses    Invulnerability   Winning-Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception   in being     Superior!

 7. We are not SUSTAINABLE IN: Failing to Cooperate/Collaborate/Communicate/Coordinate in Helping each other to:
        a. Meet Each-Other's Most-Healthy-and-Basic Needs.
        b. Mitigate Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts and Patterns of Enduring-Alienation.

 8. We are not SUSTAINABLE IN: Being-Distracted by Alienative: Luxuries, Entertainments, Greed, Coveting, Corporations,        Militarism, Colonialism, Concentrations-of-Wealth, Concentrations-of-Powers, Fears, Terrors, Terrorism, Terrorists,        Anxieties, etc.  and so not Communally-Assuring  Distributive-Justice  to protect all Essential-Communal-Integrities       that are Essentially-Interdependent   with personal   Integrities and Integrative-Processes  - - - in Shalom/LOVE.

 9. Excusing the above as being: Inevitable, Predestined, Unavoidable, Beyond-our-Power-to-Change and/or God's-Will!

10. Many people accept and/or tolerate the following Kinds-of-Behaviors; that can properly be said to be NOT-SUSTAINABLE 
    and as threatening The-SUSTAINABILITY of The-Crew of God's Astronomically-Tiny-and-Isolated Space-Ship-Earth.

     Cruel         Crude        Offensive     Ostentatious   Vulgar        Pitiless       Ruthless     Brutal
     Malevolent    Malicious    Mean          Wicked         Spite-full    Rancorous      Heartless    Atrocious

     Thoughtless   Mindless     Malevolent    Acrimonious    Coldhearted   Barbarous      Barbaric     Arrogant

     Savage        Ferocious    Viscious      Atrocious      Dismissive    Denigrating    Violent      Unilateral


EVERY HONORABLE: Ideal, Value and Principle needs to be Affirmed-Conditionally - - - In-Moderation - - - 
to Mitigate-Alienative-Conflicts and so to - - - SUSTAIN civility and civilization.

Even:   Generosity, Hospitality, Honesty, Respect, and Reverence must be Affirmed Conditionally;  to Avoid-Giving to
Domineering-Bullies and/or Mobbing-Mobsters - - - the Right-to-Concentrate    Powers-and-Wealth   in ways which will 
reliably UNDERMINE the SUSTAINABILITY of Civility-and-Civilization - - - EVEN within the 

No ONE can be Safely-Granted ANY-RIGHT to Concentrate More-Powers and/or More-Wealth - - - than they Truly-Need - - -
to satisfy vulnerable-individuals' basic-and-Healthy-Needs - - - as required for them to fulfill their 
Personal-and-Communal Integrative-Potentials - - - and thereby Able to Help SUSTAIN Civility-and-Civilization 
in God's Space-Ship-Earth.

Thus, No ONE can Be-Safely-Granted  ANY-RIGHT   to  UNILATERALLY-DEFINE  What-they-Want - - - 
as Properly-Included-Within - - - - their Basic-and-Healthy-Needs - - - to be Supported by Everybody as RIGHTLY-THEIRS.

No ONE can  Be-Safely-Granted ANY-RIGHT    to   UNILATERALLY-SATISFY-THEIR-GREED or the GREED of Family-and-Friends!

No ONE can  Be-Safely-Granted ANY-RIGHT that is EQUIVALENT-TO  any of the above ESSENTIALLY-ALIENATIVE-RIGHTS!

No ONE can  Be-Safely-Granted ANY-RIGHT    to   Undermine DISTRIBUTIVE-JUSTICE in any overt or covert ways of any kind.

DISTRIBUTIVE-JUSTICE is the Most-Pervasive-Focus of the Most-Pervasive Original-Religious-Scriptures in Space-Ship-Earth.

DISTRIBUTIVE-JUSTICE pertains to COMMUNALLY-Taking-Care-Of ALL: Widows, Orphans, Homeless, Hungry, Sick, Strangers, etc.