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KEYS ****

Generosity and Hospitiality are clearly essential virtues and ideals - - - when integrated with complementary
other essential virtues and ideals;  but not-in-isolation from other complementary-essential-virtues-and-ideals.

Beware of any domineering-bullies and mobbing-mobsters recommending pattern of increasing your level of giving 
by a certain amount every year.  Ther recommendations  may sound sustainable, but not be sustainable for long.

Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters may in devious ways encourage you to make giving committments which
you cannot sustain with integrity.  They may reccopment a pattern of increasing giving which underming your own personal integrity and undermine the integrity of your family.  There may be hidden patterns in the mathematics
of regular incrreases in giving - - - that most non-mathematicians will not detect.  Uninformed intentions are
often destructive and/or disintegrative. 

Religious-Domineering-Bullies have often milked poor people of more than they can with integrity afford to
give to churches engaged in patterns of concentrating "goods" and "wealth" into the hands of LEADERS who are 
HONORED as SUPERIOR-BEINGS who will not be corrupted by the concentration of excessive amounts of wealth and pwoers.

We always need to be engaged in long-term-discernment of what is for us likely to be sustainable; even if there
are no guarantees.