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KEYS ****

What, if any, good-reasons exist in any realm - - - for Poor-and/or-Vulnerable-People To-Trust Any-Mortal-Leaders 

of any-kind who articulate-and-demonstrate dedications to the: ideals, values, principles and life styles of 

Domineering - Bullies and/or Mobbing-Mobsters?   Do such "good-reasons" include any of the following?

Traditions      Habits     Superior-Powers       Superior-Wealth     Superior-Education     Powerful-Public-Office-Held

Public-Popularity-as-Entertainers                Superior-Academic-Degree-Held              Powerful-Religious-Office-Held

Superior-Scientific-Engineering-Degrees          Superior-Military-Service                  Popularity-as-Writers


                   What is there about the above  "Good-Reasons"  that enables such leaders to MITIGATE:

Violence?    Coercion?     Arrogance?    Self-Righteousness?   Domination?   Repression?  Depression?   Terrors?     Fears?

Alienative-Conflicts?      Alienations?  Distrust by Poor-People?            Distributive-Injustice?    Poverty?     Anger?