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KEYS ****

The following realities often act in Alienative-Tensions which Augment-Alienations - - -
by By-Being-Unbalanced as regards various kinds of Tragic:   POLARIZATIONS-and-DICHOTOMIES:

Benefits vs Costs             Needs vs Desires-and-Demands   Controls vs Satisfactions     Pleasures vs Pains

Hopes vs Fears                Reconciliations vs Anxieties   Relaxations vs Tensions       Justice vs Victimizations

Hospitality vs Stealing       Generosity vs Domination       Letting-GO vs Defeating       Winning vs Losing

Winning vs  Mitigating        Winning vs Being-in-Shalom     Winning vs Being-Together     Winning vs True-Security

Forgiveness-vs-Revenge        Energy-vs-Lethargy             Punishment-vs-Learning        Punishment-vs-Cooperation

Mutuality-vs-Domination       Mutuality-vs-Surrender         Mutuality-vs-Submission       Egotism-vs-Cooperation

Egotism-vs-Colaboration       Egotism-vs-Communication       Egotism-vs-Honest-Dialogue    Submission-vs-Oppression

Submission-vs-Domination      Hope-vs-Depression             Hope-vs-Oppression            Nostalgia-vs-Creativity

Nostalgia-vs-Exploration      Remembrance-vs-Avoidance       Intimacy-vs-Violence          Intimacy-vs-Coercion

Kindness-vs Integrity         Kindness-vs-Meanness           Empathy-vs-Indifference       Sympathy-vs-Masochism


                              All of the above TENSIONS - - - Often-Play-Tragic-Roles  Within:

Wars           Defenses       Investing         Analyses     Intimacies       Integrations  Sexuality   Loyalty      

Purity         Reverence      Idolatry          Admiration   Perfection       Superiority   Excellence  Sustainability  

Independence   Dependence     Inter-Dependence  Standards    Proprieties      Formalities   Morality    Ethics      

Planning       Inclinations   Security          Safety       Invulnerability  Individuals   Families    Neighborhoods 


                         Within communities of all-kinds-and-sizes   We-All  Set-Priorities in regards to:

 1. Personal-Relationships   of different kinds with   different-kinds-of-people,

 2. Budgeting of:  Time, Money, Resources, Energy,  Goods,  Friendships, Intimacies, etc.

 3. Primary-and-Supplementary:  Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues,     Hopes, Aspirations, Intentions, etc.

 4. Sharing:    Risks,  Costs,  Benefits, Vulnerability,    Security,    Defenses,   Secrets, 
                                Privacy,  Honors, Respect,  Acceptance,  Tolerance,  Love,   Shalom, etc.

 5. Scarce Sustainable-Resources of all kinds;

 6. What is worthy of reverence and worship with integrity that is Sustainable In-the-Long-Term.

 We all need to be prudent/cautious about and beware of unbalanced-people viewing, treating, respecting,
 honoring, reverencing and/or worshipping  Any  One  Special  And/Superior:

    Person       Family   Group    City       Nation    Culture    Religion    Spirituality

    Discipline   Truth    Virtue   Principle  Ritual    Tradition  Habit       Ego

                                   IN-ISOLATION   AS



People       Places      Contexts        Circumstances  Times       Relationships     Purposes      Bullies

Mobs         Mobsters    Prophets        Police         Judges      Creators          Evaluations   Decisions

Danger resides in any one center of Ultimate-Power which is NOT-to-be challenged, questioned or held accountable - - - 
to complementary/balancing considerations - - -  in efforts to Mitigate-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts within the 
context of Getting-Together  In  Love's   Shalom   With-Integrity.