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KEYS ****

People who fear-to-try something-new, and/or do not-know-how-to-try-something-new - - - To Mitigate Their-Own
Alienative-Conflicts - - - ARE LIKELY TO:

 1. Try-to-Evade, Run-Away-From, or Withdraw-From - - - Overt-Conflicts:

    a. By Trying-to-Win Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception - - - 
       about the natures of their own conflicts,
       what is in-it for them to win-the-conflicts,
       the historic-roots of their own conflicts, 
       how their own conflicts could be Graciously-Mitigate in the Long-Term.

    b. By traveling to some other place, culture, group, or place-of-retreat.

    c. By becoming a hermit, monk or nun; in an intentionally solitary/isolated place of detachment from conflicts.

    d. By evading: responsibilities, powers, influence, wealth, promises, covenants, intimacies, sexuality,
       creativity, integrations, communications, communities, cooperation, collaborations and/or coordinations.

    e. Be engaging only in purely "spiritual" religious-activities which are free of all Alienative-Conflicts!

    f. By NOT getting well-involved in any Healthy-Political-Activities of any kind; or in Open-and-Honest-Dialogues!

    g. By NOT getting well-informed about Controversial-Topics like  Global-Climate-Change, Peak-Oil, Resource-Depletions;
       Globally-Growing-Pollutions of Air, Waters and Soils; or in learning how to help each other in Mitigating-Our-Own-
       Alienative-Conflicts within Shalom's Most-Gracious-Ways of LOVE.

 2. Try to Place-the-Blame, Guilt, Shame, and Costs - - - that flow from their own conflicts; into the hands of
    other people, groups, governmental-officials, religious-officials, or into God's-Hands; so that they can be
    Safely-Invulnerable   and   Blameless!  INVULNERABLE!

 3. Trying to placate Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters - - - IN Mutually-Beneficial Deals-of-Complicity with
    MINIMAL: Cooperation, Submission, Tolerance, Support, Acquiescence, Communications, Risky-Intimacies, Thinking,
    Education, Listening, Compromises, etc.

 4. By Focusing-Heavily upon the Major-Roles-Played-By: Fate, Predestination, God's-Will, The-Devil, The-Fall, 
    Original-Sin, Foreigners, Terrorists, Corrupt-Politicians, The-Wealthy, The-Most-Powerful-People, and the
    Weaknesses-of-Ordinary-People like themselves - - - who are out of touch!