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KEYS ****

    Domineering-Bullies often engage in:

 1. Negating what people say, affirm and do; 
    By the Domineering-Bullies responding with CONTENTIOUS:
    Complaints, Negations,  Denigrations,   Criticisms - - -

    Obstructions,  Blockings,  Distractions,  Repressions, etc.

 2. Because suspicious "strange-different-people"  are NOT-DOING all that the
    Domineering-Bullies  DEMAND/COMMAND  that they "should-do"  Just-Because-of:
    their demanding Life-Styles and Efforts-to-Be-IN-CONTROL.

 3. Creating and Sustaining  Contentious-Alienative-Conflicts through arguments,
    debates, violence, coercion, negativity, cynicism, greed, coveting, hoarding, etc.

 4. Fighting to WIN Collusive-Game of Mutual-Self-Deception in which they try to:
    a. Deny-Much That-IS-TRUE, 
    b. Pretend that What-IS-DEMONSTRABLY-TRUE - - - is Absolutely/UNDENIABLY-FALSE,
    c. Confuse-and-Repress Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about Our-Own-Personal-Experiences,
    d. Confuse-and-Repress Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about Our-Own-FORBIDDEN-QUESTIONS,
    e. Shun, Exclude, Banish and Excommunicate all Disobedient   Disciples/Followers.
    f. Equate "GOOD" with "Conformity";   and "EVIL" with "Creativity", "Explorations", "Questioning",
    g. Label only "Isolated-Individual-People" with the words "GOOD" AND "EVIL",
    h. Shift most peoples' attention away from the natures of people's Personal-Relationships.
    i. Shift most peoples' attention away from: 
        Their Dysfunctional-Personal-Reflexive    Relationships-of-Alienation.
        Their Destructive impacts upon:           All-of Space-Ship-Earth's Climates; Objective and Reflexive.
        How Astronomically-Tiny-and-Isolated      God's Space-Ship-Earth IS   within    the  Cosmic-VOID.
        How soon Space-Ship-Earth's               Limited-Material-Resources will be    Nearly-All-Exhausted!
        How fast modest Exponential-Growth-Rates, Will exhaust what appear to be  Earth's    "hugh reserves".
        How Isolated Space-Ship-Earth is          From all   Extraterrestrial Essential   Material-Resources.
        How Impossible it is to Win any           Collusive-Game of Mutual-Self-Deception in Space-Ship-Earth.
        How Impossible it is for Domineering-Bullies to     Mitigate-OUR-OWN-Alienative-Conflicts and Violence.
        How to distinguish between "their-virtues" and the  Real-Virtues of True-Lovers-in-Shalom's-Many-Ways.