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KEYS ****

Many behaviors are NOT-SUSTAINABLE because in The-Long-Term  they  Augment Alienative-Conflicts via:

 1. Merely Habitual and/or Traditional behaviors that involve in the Long-Term:
    a. Failures-to-Address: Environmental-Degradations, Resource-Exhaustions, Endless-Exponential-Population-
       Growths, Endless-Exponential-Growths-in-Per-Capita-Resource-Consumption-Rates, Changing-People's-Most-
       Basic-Need-Conceptions, How-Astronomically-Tiny-Isolated God's Space-Ship-Earth is within the Cosmic-Void.
    b. Failure to Consider the Consequences of All-Patterns of Humans'-Exponential-Growth and Resource-Depletion.

 2. Behaviors  driven-by and/or guided-by: ignorance, fears and anxieties - - - that undermine Open-and-Honest-
    Dialogues with neighboring-members of The-Crew of God's  Astronomically-Tiny-and-Isolated   Space-Ship-Earth.

 3. Behaviors based upon Convictions-of-Personal-Superiority over other members of The-Crew of God's-Space-Ship-
    Earth;   because such convictions are Essentially-Alienative-Convictions   In-and-of-Themselves.

 4. Convictions based upon levels of Egocentric-Personal-Achievements - - - because they also are essentially 
    alienative in and of themselves.

 5. Convictions based upon Narrow-and/or-Exclusive Sets-of: Mind, Heart, Mood and/or Perspectives - - - 
    related to reflexive-human-personal-relationships with other members of The-Crew of God's-Astronomically-Tiny-
    Isolated Space-Ship-Earth - - - because such convictions are in-and-of-themselves Essentially-Alienative in 
    their effects.

 6. Behaviors which are compulsively focused upon Winning-Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception and/or upon
    Unilateral-Domination of other People's:        Perceptions     Perspectives   Points-of-View     Experiences
    Understandings  Ideals   Values  Principles     Virtues         Reflexive-Relationships           Intimacies 
    Communications  Collaborations   Cooperations   Coordinations   - - - 

    Because  Such-Behaviors   are   In-The-Long-Term   Essentially-Alienative   in their Net-Effects.

 7. Behaviors which are focused primarily upon Ego-Centric-Appearances and upon Superficial-Impressions - - - 
    because They-Invite  Alienatively-Dishonest and  Alienative-Manipulations-of   Impressions-and-Appearances.
 8. Winning-Alienative-Conflicts over      Who-Will       Be-MOST:

    Dominant     Wealthy     Powerful      Exclusive      In-Control       Invulnerable      Honored       Envied

    Famous       Infamous    Isolated      Arrogant       Self-Righteous   Egocentric        Secure        Loved

    Relaxed      Authentic   Integrated    Honest         Truly-Trusted    Admired           Imitated      At-Peace