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Tragedies flow from Alienative-Conflicts that are NOT: Well-Identified and NOT Graciously-Mitigated in SHALOM.

Tragedies flow from People-Being-Faithful-to-Mutually-Exclusive-Conflicting: Ideals, Values, Principles, etc.

Tragedies often flow from Alienative-Conflicts - - - Generated-by-personal-Bondings that were NOT:

 1. Timely; i.e., were Premature,
 2. Contextually-Appropriate,
 3. Communally-Supported,
 4. Balanced in regards to: Risks, Costs, Vulnerabilities, Benefits, etc.
 5. Mutually-and-Equally: Desired, Authentic, Honest;
 6. Over-all Well Informed and Integrated,
 7. Likely to be Long-Sustainable within a Health-Community,
 8. Likely to be Sustainable in terms of available resources,
 9. Mutually-Sought-and-Initiated in Balanced Ways of Love,
10. Mutually-Supported and Sustained in Balanced Ways of Love,
11. Fulfilled in the Gracious Ways-of-Shalom, both personally and communally;
12. Maintained through Mutual-Practices of Conflict-Mitigation; both personally and communally.


Tragedies are often rooted in people NOT-LETTING-GO-OF   Alienative-Life-Style-Elements   as noted below:

Greed     Domination     Violence       Coercion     Defensiveness    Hoarding      Pretentions   Demands

Commands  Distrust       Exclusivity    Arrogance    Ego-Centrism     Environmental-Degradations  Dishonesty

Suspicions   Coalitions  WINNING-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception       Terrorism   Concentrations-of-Powers/Wealth

Fears-of-Intimacies      Fears-of-Loss-of-Control  Unilateral-Luxuries            Unilateral-Planning-and-Actions

The Persistent-ABSENCE of Essential-Foundations of Personal-and-Communal Health-Authenticity-and-Integrities.

The Persistent PRESENCE of Non-Sympathetic-Distractions and/or of Outright-Efforts to Violate-the-Bonds-Created.


Tragedies and Alienative-Conflicts are Never-Mitigated by any of the following:

A. Identifying any Guilty-Person-or-Persons to Blame and/or accept Guilt, Shame and/or Punishment.

B. Identifying any Righteous-Person-or-Persons to pass judgement in regard  to what has happened.

C. Passing Laws and/or Issuing Commands/Demands/Rules to prevent-any-repeat of what has happened.

D. Playing-to-WIN any Collusive Game(s) of Mutual-Self-Deception pertaining to what has happened.

E. Identifying which:  Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, Hopes, Expectations, etc. - - - were Clearly-INFERIOR!

F. Identifying which:  Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, Hopes, Expectations, etc. - - - were Clearly-SUPERIOR!

G. Identifying which:  Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, Hopes, Expectations, etc. - - - will Long-Term-Prevail! 

H. Creating-Perfect:   Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, Hopes, Expectations, etc. - - - with perfect controls!