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KEYS ****
What we (as individuals and groups of people) Reflexively-Believe that we need-and-justly-want - - -
depends profoundly upon our perspectives in regards to the natures of possible-and-desirable human-
reflexive-relationships - - - where-there are tensions-between:

Love            versus   Superiority
Reconciliation  versus   Domination
Intimacies      versus   Controls
Dialogues       versus   Popularity
Authenticity    versus   Influence
Integrities     versus   Powers
Health          versus   Wealth
Interdependence versus   Independence
Shalom          versus   Invulnerability
Security        versus   Sustainability
Enough          versus   More
Community       versus   Security
Cooperation     versus   Loyalty
Colaboration    versus   Controls
Coordination    versus   Conformity
Communications  versus   Propaganda
Education       versus   Entertainment
Information     versus   Advertisements
Friendships     versus   Coalitions-and-Money
Adaptability    versus   Predictability
Flexibility     versus   Being-Defensive
Sustainability  versus   Invulnerability
Sustenance      versus   Luxuries
Mutuality       versus   Independence
Balance         versus   Purity
Cooperation     versus   Conformity
Diversity       versus   Unity
Shalom          versus   Exhaustion
Vitality        versus   Indifference
Hope            versus   Cynicism
Health          versus   Despair
Integrity       versus   Depression
Mitigations     versus   Repressions

Where there are tensions-between the above realities - - - we are likely to experience 
Alienative-Conflicts which we must Mitigate to make our GLOBAL-Civilization SUSTAINABLE!

Village-Earth is Vulnerable!     

SEARCH FOR "Village Earth" on the    WORLD-WIDE-WEB!    Find hopeful efforts!

Where such tensions-between the above realities exist - - - it is likely that the Vulnerable-Victims

of the associated Alienative Conflicts - - - will be similar to Vulnerable-Victims most-often mentioned 

in the Jewish-Bible, The Old-Testament and The New-Testament (which are Books revered by Muslims), in the Koran, 

and in virtually all of the Most-Original Religious-Scriptures of the most Pervasive-World-Religions, Often ignored!

The Vulnerable-Victims often pointed to were Similar-to-All:  widows, orphans, babies, young-children,

homeless, the-thirsty, the-hungry, the-migrants, the-travelers, the-sick, the-dis-eased, the injured, and 

ALL-THOSE-DISPLACED BY: GREEDY-Terrorists-of-All-Kinds, wars, PREPARATIONS-FOR-WARS, colonialists, 

slave-traders, sex-traders, Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes, Economic-Hit-Men, GREEDY-PROFITABLE-

HEALTH-INSURANCE-COMPANIES, GREEDY-Multi-Nation-Mega-Corporations, GREEDY-Bankers, GREEDY-Credit-Card-Companies,

GREEDY-Nations, GREEDY-Religious-Leaders, GREEDY-Investors, Nationally-Subsidized-Agricultures, Trusting "The-

GREEDY-Economy", Trusting-Systemic-Distributive-Injustice, Trusting-Concentrations-of-Power, Trusting-

Concentrations-of-Wealth, Trusting-the-Incorruptibility-of-GOOD-PEOPLE, Trying-to-Eliminate-EVIL-People, Trying-

to-Eliminate-EVIL-Nations, etc.

We cannot sustain our Global-Civilization by WINNING Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception about the 
reliability of Open-and-Honest Accurate-Descriptions of the increasing threats to the SUSTAINABILITY of
our Global-Civilization inside of God's Astronomically-Tiny-and-Practically-Isolated Space-Ship-Earth.

Beware of just-assuming that the descriptions you-do-not-like, are not-accurate-descriptions!  Ignorance,
prejudice, bias and uninformed-confused-opinions - - - will not protect anybody anywhere in Space-Ship-Earth!