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KEYS ****
Our-Own-Internalized-Conflicts are often generated by Our-Own Internalized/Introjected False-Gods-Idols - - -
that demand constantly increasing-and-exclusive attention - - - for US to "satisfy" their-own "needs"; 

To the exclusion of satisfying the needs of: The-members of The-Crew of God's Astronomically-Tiny-Isolated 
Space-Ship-Earth - - - who are: widows, orphans, homeless, naked, hungry, sick, dis-eased, terrorized, or 

Their most Basic-and-Health-Essential-Needs could-be-satisfied-through Global:

Cooperation, Colaboration, Coordinations, Distributive-Justice, Hospitality, Sympathy, Empathy, Sensitivity,
Open-and-Honest-Dialogues, etc.   

Those behaviors are possible and essential to our SUSTAINABILITY as a Civilization.  Why do we wait?    
What are we waiting for?   Whom are we waiting for?  Some superior being? Some-Person-Superior-to-US?

To Mitigate-Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts - - - we must Transcend and Let-Go-Of our own Committments-To and
Respect-For Our-Own-False-gods that teach us that we can: Win Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception - - - 
to our own Exclusive-Advantage - - - through Exponentially-Growing-Levels of:

Consumption       Violence       Coercion      Dishonesty        Pretenses         Alienations   Excommunications

Crusades          Wars           Terrorism     Evangelism        Advertising       Contentions   Magic

Mysteries         Secrets        Police        Prisons           Smoke             Mirrors       Confusion

Shunning          Exclusivity    Superiority   Hierarchies       Rank-Orderings    Slavery       Trade

Technologies      Economic-Activity            Investing-Money   Corporation-Mergers             Destruction

Entertainments    Diversion-Activities         Propaganda        News-Management   News-Suppression-Deception

We must Transcend-and-Let-Go of Our-Own-False-Gods that are anything-like-those suggested-above.  They cannot-
Guide-US into doing what will be essential to our liberation from their kinds of Alienative-Domination of US.

To Enjoy-Shalom  Together-in-LOVE - - - we must Transcend and Let-Go of Our-Own Internalized-False-gods through
the Mitigation of Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts.   We cannot do so by trying to Destroy-Them   through Our-Using
any of THEIR: Technologies, Techniques, Technocrats, Ideals, Values, Principles, "Virtues", or

We cannot "succeed" while trying to conceal our Alienative-Efforts to Dominate-Each-Other and our efforts conceal
our False-Gods; by Trying-to-WIN - - - Our-Own Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception.  If we WIN, we DIE!

Helpful Humane-Myths are stories of Humane-Explorations of ways to Let-Go of Alienative-Efforts - - - to Dominate-
Each-Other.  We can Let-Go - - - through journeys into Non-Traditional-Patterns of: Cooperation, Colaboration,
Coordination, Communication, Communication, Intimacies, and Intimations - - - "exploring-strange-new-lands" which
are NOT-LITERALLY-AND-OBJECTIVELY-REAL - - - because they exist primarily within reflexive-realms of Being-
Together in the Reflexive-Realms of Shalom-and-LOVE - - - Which-Domineering-Bullies find to be Utterly-
Threatening-and-Terrifying.  Be-Aware and Beware!  Do not be caught Un-Aware and Be-Surprised/Powerless!