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KEYS ****
People have many concerns, fears, anxieties, wants, etc. - - - some of which are distractions from more important
and/or fundamental concerns.  What are some of the most basic appropriate foci for authentic concerns - - - which
are not merely distractions; and truly need to be the focus of well informed and carefully considered attention?

Alienations          Misunderstandings       Antagonism     Hostility             Contempt         Estrangement

Hate                 Disdain                 Enmity         Contentiousness       Revenge          Belligerence

Exclusivity          Arrogance               Grudges        Self-Righteousness    Genocides        Wars

The above are threats to the SUSTAINABILITY of Civilization because each of them Undermine-Block-Prevent-Destroy


Communications       Collaborations          Cooperation    Coordination          Dialogues        Honesty

Reconciliation       Intimacies              Hospitality    Generosity            Mutuality        Balance

The above reflexive-realities point to grounds for being focused upon Mitigating Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts
and their associated-realities.  In the absence of such Mitigations - - - human integrities and integration-processes
falter; and fail to sustain the essential-foundations of civility and civilization.  We need to identify for ourselves
what are the essential-foundations of civility and civilization.  What consensuses are essential to the SUSTAINABILITY
of every enduring civilization and pattern of civility?   Can we openly and honestly give authentic affirmations and
demonstrations of what those essential-foundations really are?  Of we cannot - - - how long can we expect to survive?

What can we ourselves and our friends do about the dilemmas suggested above.  How can we cooperate and collaborate to
Mitigate-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts and Patterns-of-Alienation?

If we are in a civilization which is dominated by People-Focused upon "WINNING", "SECURITY=INVULNERABILITY", "DEFENSES", "CONCENTRATING-POWERS-AND-WEALTH", "GETTING-AHEAD", "GETTING-ON-TOP", "HIERARCHIES", etc. - - - we 
are likely to be so exclusively focused upon these foci-of-attention - - - that we become so alienated from each 
other as members of The-Crew of God's Astronomically-Tiny-and-Isolated  Space-Ship-Earth - - - that we are unable 

Communicate     Be-Honest     Be-In-Dialogue    Listen-&-Confirm  Be-Hospitable     Be-Generous     Be-Reconciled

Cooperate       Collaborate   Be-Creative       Be-Sympathetic    Be-Empathetic     Be-Intimate     Enjoy-Shalom

Enjoy-Peace     Be-in-LOVE    Be-Known          Enjoy-Relaxation  Know-Others       Be-Creative     Be-Tolerant

If we are unable to engage in the above essential aspects of a SUSTAINABLE Civilization, our civilization fails!