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KEYS ****

To what extent can we succeed in being trully sustainable-members-of The-Crew of 
God's-Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth by being among the Most-Successful 
in the following ways?

 1. Defeating Opponents in Alienative-Conflicts?
 2. Being the most Assertive in Alienative-Ways and Life-Styles?
 3. Attacking Concentrations-of-Evil-People?
 4. Avoiding Being-Seen-with-Evil-People?
 5. Being-in-Control of how we are perceived by others?
 6. Being-in-Control of people's Ideals, Values, Principles and Virtues?
 7. Being Outstanding in Lief-Styles-of-Domination.
 8. Concentrating-More-Wealth-And-Powers than our Competators? 
 9. Other Alternative-Ways not described here?  What are they?  Why look elsewhere?
10. In asking totally different questions?