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In what authentic sense does it make sense to say "God is Love" or to say "Love is God"?

 1. Love-and-God Focus-Upon:

    a. Reconciliation in the Mitigation-of-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts  in Shalom's Many-Diverse-Ways and Sanctuaries.
    b. Mitigating-Patterns-of-Alienation                                 in Shalom's Many-Diverse-Ways and Sanctuaries.
    c. Affirming-and-Facilitating Integrative-Processes                  in Shalom's Many-Diverse-Ways and Sanctuaries. 

    d. Affirming-and-Sustaining Present-Integrities                      in Shalom's Many-Diverse-Ways and Sanctuaries.

 2. Love-and-God   Transcend,  Let-Go-Of  and are   Not-Compulsively-Preoccupied-With Alienative-Realities such as:

    Arrogance         Dishonesty     Pretense       Domination    Coercion      Violence           Technologies   

    Techniques        Technocrats    More-Controls  More-Purity   Exclusivity   Loyalty-Perfection Obedience  

    Rebellions        Manipulations  Purifications  Coalitions    More-Powers   More-Wealth        More-Influence     
    Concentrations    Greed          Hoarding       Punishments   More-Prisons  More-Hierarchies   Superiority     

    Demands           Rankings       More-Commands  Conformity    Shunnings     Excommunications   Invulnerability

    Safety            Security       More-Greed     More-Hoarding Punishments   Prisons  REWARDS   Excellence

    Trying-to-WIN:    Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception    In Coalitions-Politics-Economics-Religions-Cults

    The Control-of-the-above Alienative-Realities   IS-NOT   the preoccupation of   God-or-LOVE   active IN SHALOM.

    The Profitable-Control-of-the-above-Realities     IS     the preoccupation of   Domineering-Bullies/Mobbing-Mobsters.

 3. God-and-Love Are-Fulfilled within balanced Affirmations-and-Demonstrations of:

    Shalom            Being-Together Hospitality    Generosity    Sensitivity   Empathy            Creativity   

    Renewal           Dialogues      Sanctuaries    Intimacies    Thanksgiving  Appreciation       Thanks    

    Mutuality         Balance        Integrations   Integrities   Justice       Communication      Praise