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KEYS ****

To Domineering-Bullies it is a matter of Ultimate-Concern to be-in-control of their Own-Levels-of-Vulnerability
- - - as near zero as they can get it to be; and also to be-in-control of Other's Levels-of-Vulnerability
- - - as high as they can get theirs to be.

Thus, to Domineering-Bullies, it is a mater of Ultimate-Concern to Avoid-Becoming-Involved in any level of
True-and-Healthy-Integrative-Intimacy - - - wherein The-Levels-of-Significant-Integrative-Intimacy are dependent
upon Risky-Levels-of: Cooperation, Colaboration, Communication, Open-and-Honest-Dialogues and Mutual-Vulnerability.
All of which are Taboo to Real-Domineering-Bullies.

The above sets the stage of great difficulties for anybody to work meaningfully in Helping-Domineering-Bullies
to become involved in Mitigating-Their-Alienative-Conflicts to help the Crew-of-Space-Ship-Earth to make our
Civilization-More-Sustainable.  Naivete will not be helpful!  Being well informed can be stressful, even though
in the long term - - - safer!