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KEYS ****

Each-Form-of: Violence, Coercion, Domination, Threat and Attack - - - will  Reliably-Generate  Alienative-
Conflicts-and-Alienations - - - and so is a Threat-to-Civility, Integrity, Health and Civilization.

The-Forms-of: Violence, Coercion, Domination, Threat and Attack - - - are suggested by the following realms:

Physical    Psychological   Sexual        Theological    Scientific    Engineering    Economic

Scholarly   Professional    Military      Terrorism      Corporate     Political      Domineering

Religious   Habitual        Traditional   Ritualistic    Liturgical    Addictive      Mobbing-Mobsters

INTIMACY which is NOT: Invited, Welcomed, Mutual, Assented-To, Reciprocal, Enjoyed and/or Balanced:
IS-a-Form-of: Violence, Coercion, Domination, Threat and/or Attack - - - To-the-Extent of The-Above-
Kinds-of-Absences - - - especially within the context of: strangers, bullies, mobsters, greed, coalitions,
power-concentrations, wealth-concentrations, authorities, police, judges, and unwelcomed unilateral-changes.

In the Abrahamic-Faith-Traditions any people have talked about the forgiveness of: Sins, Debts, Trespasses,
Blame, Shame, etc. - - - In association with Diverse-Conceptions-Of: Salvation, Redemption and/or Rescue
from some original: Cause, Agency, Event, Action or "Fall" from Grace.  There are Alienative-Conflicts over
beliefs about how helpful such Conceptions are, or can be; in metaphoric, literal, poetic, or conceptual ways.

The essays offered at focus upon seeking to offer helpful, accurate and reliable 
DESCRIPTIONS of Alienative-Conflicts, and of possible ways to Mitigate  Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts 
and Our-Own Patterns-of-Tragic-Feed-Back-Loops-Among-Forms-of-Alienation - - - by focusing our attentions on 
ways in which we can: Cooperate, Collaborate and Coordinate;   our own efforts to help-each-other to meet our-in-
common  most-healthy-and-basic  Real-Needs  - - - that are inherent in being Members-of-The-Crew of God's 
Astronomically-Tiny-and-Isolated Space-Ship-Earth. 

In the light of the above considerations - - - what is it Helpful-to-Say about competition - - - where there is 
a high level of alienation - - - and the competition is more Net-Profitable for the people who create Occasions-
of-Competition  In-Place-of   Cooperation-Colaboration and Coordination - - - than it is Net-Profitable 
for True-Lovers and Mitigators-of-Alienative-Conflicts - -- who prefer Cooperation-Colaboration and Coordination; 
over Competition-and-Alienative-Conflicts?   How can we be Most-Helpful with Mutual-Respect-and-