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KEYS ****

A regards essays made available at - - - the following questions clearly merit consideration
and discussion; should there be persons who are unhappy with and/or distressed upon reading the essays:

 1. Where in the essays can one find specific-misleading-descriptive-statements which can be complemented 
    and/or clarified with alternative-descriptive-statements that are:

    a. Less-Misleading for most people, and/or for people in particular circumstances?
    b. Less-Offensive; without giving upon on being truly-and-accurately-descriptive?
    c. More complete/comprehensive; without being so tedious as to be irrelevant to most potential readers?
    d. Less biased as regards tacit-misleading-assumptions which in the essays are not even implied?

 2. How can some specific essays be clarified by writing paraphrases of the essays to point to the same 
    truths; using complementary modes of expression; e.g., poetry, story-telling, parables, song, etc?

 3. Where in the essays can one find specific-unfair/misleading statements about specific identifiable 
    persons or groups of persons?