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KEYS ****

Why is there such a disparity between the pervasive presence of alienative-pornographic
sexual-images dedicated to the generation of Profits for Greedy-Investors in Corporate-
Profitable-Ventures - - - and in contrast:

 1. The absence of images of healthy intimate-and-integrative sexual-humane-intimate-relationships?

 2. Few educational programs in churches, schools, colleges and universities - - - dedicated
    to the facilitation and encouragement off the evolution of: vibrant, healthy, intimate and 
    integrative - - - sexual-relationships?

 3. Few Widely-Published-Reflexive-and-Objective Systems-Analyses of the differences between: Healthy-
    Intimate-Integrative-Sexual-Relationships and Alienative-Conflicts and Conflicted-Perversions-of-

 4. Few Widely-Published Objective-and-Reflexive Systems-Analyses of the Interactions Between/Among:
    a. Sexual-Addictions?
    b. Personal-Addictions?
    c. Prostitution?
    d. Sexual-Slavery?
    e. Sexual-Abuse-in-Advertising?
    f. Profitable-Abuses-of-Sexual-Desires-by-Corporations?
    g. Alienative-Conflicts over Healthy-Mutually-Agreeable Sexual Intimacies among Adults?
    h. Alienative-Conflicts over how to try-to-control - - - Healthy-Integrative--Humane-Sexual-Intimacies?
 5. Few Widely-Published Reflexive-Objective-Systems-Analyses of:
    a. The Alienative-Absence of Healthy-and-Gracious-Honored Affirmations of 
       Healthy-Humane-Integrative-Sexual-Intimacy Among-Adults?
    b. Gracious-Exposures of Alienative-Sexual-Domination?
    c. Gracious-Exposures of the Alienative-Methods of Domineering-Bullies - - - being Sexually-Seductive?
    d. How effective different Sex-Education-Programs - - - have been in achieving their stated goals?
    e. The roles of Human-Sexuality, throughout the spectrums of Alienative-Conflicts?
    f. The roles of Dysfunctional-Human-Sexuality, in Undermining efforts to Moderate Population-Growths?
    g. Affirmative-Religious-Teachings about Healthy-Sexual-Relationships; versus NEGATIONS-by-Bullies?
    h. The overall frequency of Affirmations of Healthy-Sexual-Relationships; versus NEGATIONS by Bullies?
    i. What ideals, values, principles and virtues are essential to Healthy-Adult's-Sexual-Relationships?
    j. What ideals, values, principles and virtues are essential to Healthy-Adolescents'-Sexual-Relationships?
    k. What ideals, values, principles and virtues are essential to Healthy-Children's-Sexual-Relationships?
    l. What roles Domineering-Bullies have played in the evolution of the above patterns of Our-Sexuality?
    m. Why the Alienative-Conflicts implicit in all of the above - - - have not been mitigated yet?