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KEYS ****

The Key-Questions that are central to True-Lovers'-Lives=Together - - - include how-to-fulfill in the-
cooperative-collaborative Ways-of-Shalom and LOVE:

 1. Shared-Desires-and-Pleasures of Union-in-Open-and-Honest-Dialogues,

 2. Affirmations without Negations or Contentiousness,

 3. Transcending-and-Letting-Go of All-Alienative-Desires-and-Pleasures pertaining-to: Domination, Violence,
    Exclusivity, Invulnerability, Superiority, Perfection, Excesses, Luxuries, Polarizations, Dichotomies,
    Contentiousness, Unilateral-Actions, Competitions and Conflicts - - - Being-Together-in-Shalom.

 4. Dealing (Honestly in Collaborative-Mutually-Complimentary-Ways) with the challenges of the following

    a. How-Astronomically-Tiny-and-Materially-Isolated - - - God's-Space-Ship-Earth is in the Cosmic-Void.

    b. How Limited the Most-Coveted-Material-Resources in Space-Ship-Earth are - - - compared to the total
       volume of its cooled thin-solid-skin which is about one tenth-of-one-percent of its diameter in

    c. The frustrating absence of adequate Energy-Mass resources to facilitate any round-trip inter-
       stellar space travel by any human - - - to even the nearest star of all stars in the cosmos.

    d. The Pervasive efforts of Domineering-Bullies to WIN their Tragically-Futile Collusive-Games-of-

    e. The Tragic-Implications of all patterns of Endless-Exponential-Growth within God's Astronomically-
       Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth; e.g., in populations and in the rates of depletions of the most coveted pure 
       material-resources such as minerals containing the most used and coveted metals.

    f. The Tragic-Implications of all of the following Alienative-Reflexive-Realities as demonstrated by many
       Domineering-Bullies, Mobbing-Mobsters and Admirers of their Life-Styles and Egocentric: Ideals, Values,
       Principles, Virtues, Hopes, Aspirations and Simplistic-Idealism   in   Concentrating Wealth-and-Powers:

       Arrogance       Domination     Violence          Hubris          Egocentrism    Egotism      Greed

       Hoarding        Coveting       Excommunications  Shunnings       Punishments    Prisons      Coercion

       Repressions     Exclusivity    Genocides         Segregation     Hierarchies    Dictators    Empires

       Colonialism     Wars           Terrorism         Conquest        Submission     Rape         Dishonesty

       Pretensions     Addictions     Codependence      Provincialism   Confusion      Chaos        Explosions

       Bombings        Guns           Attacks           Threats         Offenses       Defenses     Rejections