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KEYS ****

True-Lovers as participants in Healthy-Intimate-Relationships - - are sensitive, sympathetic and 
empathetic - - - regarding each other's: needs, hopes, expectations, fears, anxieties, kinds of 
vulnerability, desires, hesitancies, terrors, etc. - - -

True-Lovers avoid suggesting unilateral-actions, sudden-shifts, sudden-changes, etc. - - - that most 
Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters are unlikely-to-deal-with in ways that will-facilitate-the-
healthy-evolution of honorable-sustainable-intimate-relationships.

True-Lovers seek to support the Healthy-Evolution of their Whole-Community - -- within which healthy-
personal-intimate-relationships can evolved in interdependent ways-of-shalom - - - that are mutually-
supportive ways-of-LOVE.