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KEYS ****

The Natures of our Personal-Reflexive-Relationships in LOVE - - - send messages to our communities - - -
and are reflected in the ways our communities evolve - - - to support the Natures of our Personal-Reflexive-
Relationships in LOVE.

Many operas are commentaries upon how our communities Persistently-Tolerate and Affirm Un-Mitigated-Alienative-
Conflicts which Undermine-Healthy-Personal-Intimate-Relationships.

Especially Relevant-Operas are those about Tragic-Conflicts between True-Lovers and the Domineering "Powers-
That-Be" - - - which block True-Lovers' Desires to become Integrated-Together within the Gracious-Ways-of-

See the book "The Powers that Be" by Walter Wink.  At the suggestion of Madeline Engle, Walter Wink wrote this 
book as a summary of more scholarly works that dealt with the Concentrations of Power and Wealth and the 
resulting corruption and alienation.  It is one powerful presentation of the foundations of the Powers-of-
Nonviolent-Resistance which Walter-Wink says have resulted in the significant liberation of about 2/3 of 
humans from previously significantly higher levels of abusive-powers, just during the 1900s.

We need to be aware that there are occasions of alienation that are not directly related to any forms of
conflict.  Not all alienation can be well understood or well responded-to - - -  in terms of Alienative-
Conflict being the primary "cause". There are some forms of alienation which have been initiated and/or
augmented by: natural-disasters, climate-changes, accidents, hereditary-factors, natural-radioactivity,
cosmic-rays, micro-organisms, mental-illnesses, birth-defects and many additional factors.  It will  be
helpful to consider such additional contributors to the generation and augmentation of alienation within
Objective-and-Reflexive  Systems-Analyses  of All-Forms of debilitative  alienation and-Alienative-Conflicts;
because All-Forms interact with each other in Tragic-Ways via Alienative-Feed-Back-Loops that confuse us.