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KEYS ****

Both Communities and the Individuals-within-Communities - - - enjoy:

Shalom           Health           Integrity          Authenticity          Joy

Sustainability   Endurance        Stability          Balance               Robustness

ONLY to the Extent that each person within the community - - - enjoys participating in
generating communal-consensuses and in assenting-to-affirmations of and demonstrations of
communal-consensuses - - - regarding Essential-Clusters of Mutually-Supportive-and-Complementary:

Ideals           Values           Principles         Virtues               

Hopes            Predictions      Expectations       Anticipations  - - -     Which-Include


Honesty          Balance          Mutuality          Distributive-Justice     Personal-Integrities

Authenticity      Sustainability   Coherence          Communal-Integrities     Integrative-Processes

Open-and-Honest-Dialogues         Confirmations-of-Messages-Received          Communication-Rights

Desires to Cooperate in Fulfilling the Most-Basic-Healthy-Needs of all members of The-Crew-of-Space-Ship-Earth.


HONESTY ABOUT PRESENT-LIMITS-AND-LIMITATIONS related to members of The-Crew of God's Astronomically-
Tiny-and-Isolated Space-Ship-Earth - - - with no hope to ever bring to Space-Ship-Earth any Extra-Terrestrial
Material-Resources in amounts sufficient to comp enstate for exhaustions - - - of the Most-Coveted Terrestrial
Material-Resources NOW-IN Space-Ship-Earth - - - through Exponentially-Growing Rates-of-Consumption-of-them!