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KEYS ****

A workshop on Mitigating our Alienative-Conflicts needs to focus on helping participants in making challenging 
choices about:

 1. Alienative-Conflicts   for them to focus upon as individuals - - - due to their own abilities,
    interests, opportunities, perspective, and with whom they can be in Open-and-Honest-Dialogue.

 2. Upon-Which aspects of Facilitating the Mitigation-of-Alienative-Conflict - - - and upon what other styles
    of Conflict-Reduction - - - they wish to focus.

 3. How to search for relevant resources within essays at and widely on the world-wide-web; 
    and how most-helpfully to respond-to-resources-found - - - in any such locations.  

 4. How to be  graciously-and-helpfully honest - -- about how they personally respond to whatever they 
    encounter within resources,  and in workshop sessions.

 5. How to wisely-and-prudently set-priorities in regards to spending-time-and-resources in relation to

 6. How to most-helpfully interact with other participants in the workshop; especially when there are 
    Alienative-Conflicts among the participants, and maybe within-the-participants themselves as individuals.

 7. How to help the participants to Recognize-and-Accurately Describe; the Alienative-Conflicts among the
    Perspectives, Points-of-View, Assumptions, Ideals, and Values - - - of Differing-Participants in the