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KEYS ****

Participants in workshops on Mitigating OUR OWN Alienative-Conflicts will do well to be clear about just-how
Alienative-Conflicts are relevant to them because of how They-Personally ARE:

 1. Complicit as creators, sustainers, supporters, tolerators, defenders and/or in other overt/covert ways
    - - - of Alienative-Conflicts - - - that they are relatively-un-aware.

 2. Victims of the costs of Alientive-Conflicts through: taxation, lost-opportunties, destruction,
    devastation, terrors, terrorism, terrorists, corruption, Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes,
    and: Assaults-upon-democrtic-principles and upon the Processes OF Systemic-Distributive-Justice.

 3. Kept In-the-Dark, Ignorant, Confused, Biased, Depressed, Repressed, Hopeless, Indifferent, Tolerant,
    Submissive, and Playing-to-WIN-Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception - - - In-DARK-PRISIONS - - -
    Locked-with-Keys-that-are-Kept-Inside-the-Prisions of Mutual-Self-Deception - - - isolated from the
    COSMOS of authentic-personal-intimate-relationships in LOVE within SHALOM's Many-Diverse-Ways.

 4. Kept as Supporters of the Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes - - - and so In-the-Dark
    about how-and-why the support the Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes.

 5. Victims-of-Economic-Systems that Destroy-Corporate-Dedications to:  Honesty, Open-and-Honest-  
    Dialogues, Generosity, Hospitality, Distributive-Justice, Personal-Integrity, Communal-Integrity,
    Communal-Health, Communal-Health-Care, Communal-Sustainability  and  Objective-and-Reflexive-
    Systrems-Analyses of God's Astronomically-Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth  Totally-Isolated  From-ALL
    Material-Resources Most-Like the Most-Coveted   Limited-Material-Resources NOW Inside of Space-

 6. Victims-of-Patterns of Exponential-Growth in: Human-Populations, Economic-Activities, Consumptions-of
    Organic-Fuels such as Oil, Natural-Gas, Coal, Corn, other-grains; and Consumptions of Scarce-Mineral-
    Resources - - - within God's Astronomically-Tiny-Isolated Space-Ship-Earth.