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Clearly, not all sexual-intimate-relationships are equally: healthy, integrative, honorable, sustainable, 
admirable, wise, prudent, etc.

Given the above - - - upon the basis of what Coherent-Set-of: Values, Ideals, Principles, Virtues, etc. - - -
can we most-reliably and long-term-sustainability discern how to graciously Mitigate-our-Alienative-Conflicts
which are rooted at least in part upon different: perceptions, perspectives, points-of-view, assumptions,
convictions, and beliefs about the roles which human sexuality can play in honorable-and-sustainable humane

When is it appropriate to be tolerant and forgiving in regards to the imperfections in actual human intimacies
and sexual-relationships - - - - In-the-PRESENCE-of:

Ignorance      Prejudices       Biases        Lack-of-Experience      Lack-of-Practice      Confusion   Arrogance

Domination     Violence         Coercion      Lack-of-Familiarity     Lack-of-Knowledge     Greed       No-Desire

No-Mutuality   No-Cooperation   No-Pleasure   Lack-of-Understanding   Lack-of-Integrity     Envy        Exclusivity

Upon what grounds should we try to respond to the above kinds of questions?   Why?  When?   Where?   To Fulfill
what purposes?

On what grounds should the standards for judging imperfections in the realms of intimate-personal-relationships and
human-sexuality - - - be significantly different than in other realms of human life?

Why not honor the patterns in the most universally accepted grounds based upon wide-spread human experiences, perceptions, and thoughtful considerations in open-and-honest-dialogues about differing people's experiences,
perceptions, perspectives and points-of-view.  Are there any of these which should not be open to discussion?

What grounds for thoughtful considerations should be excluded?

Which of the following ideals, values, principles, virtues on the RIGHT should NOT pertain
to any of the realms-of life on the LEFT?

Realms of Life                                     Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, etc.

Sexuality                                          Open and Honest Dialogue

Economics                                          Mutual-Satisfaction

Meeting Humane-Basic-Needs                         Cooperation and Colaboration

The Use of Technologies                            Mutual-Gracious-Consideration

Consumption of Resources                           Long-term-Sustainability

The use of Sanctuaries to provide safety           Coherence and Authenticity

Personal-and-Communal-Domains of Integrity         Respecting Descriptive Natural-Laws that are Reliable

Setting Overall Priorities	                   Respecting the Integrity of Space-Ship-Earth

Justly-Enjoying the Fruits-of-our-Labors           Reverence toward Truly-Transcendent-Realities

Enjoying-Shalom-Safely-Together                    Maintaining both Personal-and-Communal-Integrities-Together

Being-Secure-Together without Domination           Mitigating-our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts

Sustaining-Civilization                            Sustaining-Civility