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KEYS ****

Within a community in which Domineering-Bullies often play "leading-roles",  people often interpret
plain-descriptive-statements as if the only reasonable interpretation of each statement is other-
than a matter-of-fact-description.  

The offering of the description is often interpreted as "implying":

 1. A demand/command that some possibly-implied action be take by some implied person, persons,
    agency or authority.

 2. A criticism of some possibly-implied person or agency for NOT-HAVING solved some implied problem

 3. A declaration of support for one exclusive position or side in an on-going enduring ALIENATIVE-

 4. An effort to Denigrate, Negate or Make-Fun of supporters of one side in an on-going enduring

 5. A declaration-of-war on some particular: persons, minority, gang, family, tribe, faction, cause,
    organization, religion, doctrine, etc.

 6. A declaration of: dismissal, exclusion, excommunication, banishment or alienation - - - 
    against some implied: person, persons, family, gang, tribe, coalition, organization. etc.

If we are truly committed to Mitigating Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts - - - we will make prudent 
gracious efforts to help people to avoid falling into the tragic traps of the above kinds of Mis-
Interpretations; but not try to be in full control of how people interpret all statements.

We may also wisely ask graciously what purpose was to be served in making what appears to be a 
potentially misleading  statement; to try to clarify the intended purpose of offering the statement.

We may also seek to be sensitive to the possible existence of "code-phrases" and "code-questions" 
which are in-circulation and used to imply other than their literal-interpretations; whether intended 
or offered in ignorance about the "code" meanings that some people might know about.  When in doubt, 
it may help to ask graciously for a clarification about the ambiguous communication offered.