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KEYS ****

The following have often been tried as ways to "solve-problems" and "resolve-dilemmas" - - - - UNILATERALLY - - -


Temper-Tantrums        Yelling                Being-Contentious     Making-Unilateral-Demands   Being-Domineering

Concentrating-Powers   Concentrating-Wealth   Issuing-Commands      Issuing-Demands             Making-More-Laws

More-Police-Actions    More-Judicial-Actions  More-Terrorism        Wars-on-Terrorism           Arbitrary-Actions

More-Litigation        More-Negations         More-Coalitions       More-Domination             More-Weapons

The contexts of the above efforts have ranged from troubled-marriages, playgrounds, work-places,  schools,

Gangs,  Legislatures,  Religious-Organizations,  Political-Campaigns,  International-Meetings  and   Many-More!