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KEYS ****

    To help each other to:

 1. Maintain-Our-Personal and Communal Integrities and health Together-in-Shalom,
 2. Avoid Excessive: Risks, Costs and Dangers,

 3. Mitigate Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts,

 4. Avoid Labeling-Each-Other as Evil-or-Good  People-In-Isolation  from  Shalom's-Ways of LOVE,

 5. Avoid-Corruption due to the Concentrations of 
    with their Corporate-Colonial-Adventures;

 6. Discuss-Honestly The-Implications-of
    How Astronomically-Tiny-and-Isolated 
    God's Space-Ship-Earth   Is-In-Fact;
    From  All  Extra-Terrestrial  Material-Resources 
    That are   Most-Like   the   Most-Coveted Material-Resources
    Now Inside-of-Space-Ship-Earth, and  Now-being-exhausted through EXPONENTIAL-GROWTHS IN CONSUMPTION.

 7. AVOID:   Arrogance,       Self-Righteousness,      Systemic-Distributive-Injustice, 
    Hubris,  Violence         Coercion,                Alienative-Conformity             Etc.

    We need Mitigate-all-Realities that threaten to Undermine-the-SUSTAINABILITY of Civilization;

    Even if doing so will cost us some of our EXCESSIVE-PROFITS that   generate   ALIENATIVE-COSTS!