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KEYS ****

Domineering-Bullies often try to ignore/dismiss the importance of people's OWN:

Perspectives          Perceptions        Views                 Desires        

Instincts             Hopes              Aspirations           Needs      etc.

It is "inconvenient" to Domineering-Bullies to have to deal with accommodating to idiosyncratic
personal realities - - - so as to "facilitate":  mutuality, cooperation, colaboration, trust and
the Mitigation of OTHER-PEOPLE'S Alienative-Conflicts.

It is "convenient" to Domineering-Bullies to be able to deal only with Their-Universal-Absolute:
Truth, Commandments, Standards, Doctrines, Rituals, etc. - - - to  which  everybody  else  must 
conform; in spite of their own personal God-Given Unique-Characteristics.  (Superior Domineering
Bullies, are of course, free to do as they please - - - because they are Superior and Entitled!

It is a violation of the Presumed-Superior-Rights of Domineering-Bullies to have to participate 
in the Mitigation of their Own PROFITABLE Alienative-conflicts - - - BECAUSE they have the RIGHT
to maximize their own PROFITS through their own SUPERIOR-EFFORTS; and to WIN their Collusive-
Games of Mutual-Self-Deception through their Superior-Patterns-of-Cooperation in their GAMES of
Mutual-Self-Deception with their BEST-FRIENDS!