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KEYS ****

How can we DARE-TO-TRUST: ourselves, our own experiences, our own desires, our own creative 
impulses, etc. - - - when for most of our lives we have been taught by Domineering Bullies to:

 1. Obey their kinds of commands and demands.
 2. Conform to their prescriptions and proscriptions.
 3. Honor their Taboos, especially their sexual taboos.
 4. Play-to-WIN their Collusive Games of Mutual-Self-Deception.
 5. Fight their fights whenever there are threats present in our communities.
 6. Be defensive as they are, whenever there are threats present in our communities.
 7. Distrust all of the strangers and/or non-conformists- - - that they have identified for us.
 8. Avoid Intimate-Relationships and the terrible risks involved in intimacies.
 9. Always expect others to try to Dominate US, and be ready to fight back.
10. Compete more contentiously than others -  - - who try to Dominate US.
11. Get-More-Often, than others are willing to Give-to-US.
12. Distrust True-Lovers who are "different".
13. Distrust Diplomacy which cannot succeed - - - as often as Domination-Can-Succeed for US.
14. Distrust Fair-Minded-Negotiations which cannot succeed as often as Domination Can.
15. Distrust Gracious: Mediation, Arbitration, Litigation and/or Judicial-Procedures.
16. Distrust Gracious Conflict-Resolutions".
17. Take-Charge of and Control Our-Own-Personal-Relationships.
18. Take-Charge of and Control Other-People's Own-Personal-Relationships.
19. Take-Charge of and Regulate Other-People's Own-Personal-Relationships.
20. Fulfill the Expectations of Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters.
21. Have Firm, Rigid and Brittle Expectations of others around US.
22. Do-NOT-Trust "different-people" who are flexible in their personal-relationships.
23. Do-NOT-Trust "different-people" who are tolerant and make compromises.
24. Do-NOT Stand-Out as "different" people in any Dangerous-Way!

How can it make sense for us to get involved in any efforts to Mitigate-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts?