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KEYS ****

When we are considering whether or not to: honor, respect, admire, support, trust, revere or tolerate - - -
the actions of Domineering-Bullies and/or of Mobbing-Mobsters - - - we will do well to take due note of
the disparities between them and other persons with regard to:

 1. Concentrations of Wealth,
 2. Concentrations of Powers,
 3. Physical size, strength and energy,
 4. Inherited powers, wealth and abilities,
 5. How healthy they are, and why;
 6. What privileged/entitled "classes" they "belong" to;
 7. How well educated they are, and why/how they "got" educated;
 8. How and where they focus their attentions,
 9. What they often ignore and/or pointedly "neglect",
10. Whom they often ignore and/or pointedly "neglect",
11. Systemic-Injustices within their communities,
12. Systemic-Distributive-Injustices within their communities,
13. Percentages of Governmental Expenditures for War and Terrorist Activities that are Alienative,
14. The Long-Term-Consequential-Costs of War and Terrorism-Activities that are inherently Alienative,
15. Percentages of Governmental Expenditures to Protect Communal-Integrities and Integrative Processes,
16. Percentages of Governmental Expenditures in support of other Inherently-Alienative-Activities,
17. Who is especially vulnerable - - - why that is the case, and what remediation is possible/desirable.