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KEYS ****

Physicists, Chemists and Medical Researchers have discovered through Objective-Systems-Analyses
many Reliable-Descriptions of Unchanging-Patterns of Cause-and-Effect within the evaluation of
Objective-Relationships between interacting:

1. Masses such as Free-Falling-Objects near the surfaces of Space-Ship-Earth, the moon and other
   planets and moons in the Solar-System.

2. Naturally Occurring meteorites, moons, planets and stars that are moving along mutually interacting
   space-time-lines - - - due to each other's gravitational effects upon each other.

3. Naturally occurring electrons, photons, neutrons, nuclei, atoms, molecules, cells and organisms
   interacting through electromagnetic, nuclear, and weaker forces in the four-dimensions space-
   time of God's Whole-Cosmos.

4. Cosmic Clouds-of-Star-Dust, Electromagnetic-Fields, Gravitational-Fields, Star-Clusters, Galaxies,
   Galactic-Clusters and Black-Holes - - - interacting with each other in diverse ways.

In somewhat similar processes of Reflexive-Systems-Analyses - - - we are becoming able to describe
Reliable-Unchanging-Patterns of Cause-and-Effect within Reflexive-Relationships between and among:

1. Plants-and-Animals within the Oceans, Seas, Lakes, Rivers, Puddles-of-Water and soils of the world.

2. Plants-and-Animals in the Forests and Grasslands of the World.

3. Humans-and-Domesticated Plants-and-Animals of human communities scattered throughout God's-

4. Included in the above Reflexive-Processes are Evolving Descriptions of Helpful-Gracious-Ways to
   Facilitate-the-Mitigation-of-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts - - - and our Own-Enduring-Patterns of

Such Reflexive-Descriptions tend to be less mathematical and less purely-objective - - - than the
descriptions of Objective-Scientists in the previous decades. 

The moods, temperaments and personal relationships of the formulators and refiners of new gracious
reflexive-descriptions - - - are likely to Demonstrate-and-Augment-Shalom - - - More-Often-Than has been
the case with the moods, temperaments and personal relationships of the formulators of almost
exclusively objective-and-mathematical descriptions in the previous decades.   

What can be the most Gracious-and-Integrative-Bases for Cooperation-and-Collaborations among the
older Objective-Scientists and the Younger-More-Reflexive-Systems-Analysts and Describers of the 
Discernments of Modern-Reflexive-Systems-Analysts?  That is yet to be discovered and described!