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KEYS ****

Different-People Reveal their Different-Core-Natures by their Prevailing-Choices 
of Moods, Attitudes and Characteristic-Responses from the Two-Sides of: 

      Prevailing Reflexive-Choices:

Anxiety                         Composure
Tension                         Equanimity
Insecurity                      Confidence
Contentiousness                 Hospitality
Greed                           Generosity
Defensiveness                   Diplomacy
Unilateral-Intentions           Collaborative-Intuitions
Desiring-Invulnerability        Desiring Integrity
Evading-Open/Honest Dialogues   Facilitating Open/Honest Dialogues
Pessimism                       Optimism
Cynicism                        Hopefulness
Abandonment                     Faithfulness
Indifference                    Commitment
Colaboration                    Contentiousness
Affirmations                    Negations
Reconciliation                  Denigration
Coherence                       Confusion
Shalom                          Preparing-for-War

The above kinds-of-choices made-by-different-people 
reveal far more about their own Reflexive-Characters; 
than about their environments; objective and/or reflexive;
as the contexts for their own responses.

People who choose to make the Prevailing-Choices on the left above;
often feel that they are responding in the only reasonable way that
makes any sense - - - because of objective realities which threaten
them.  They often do not recognize the possibilities for cooperation
in Mitigating their Own-Alienative-Conflicts Within-Their-OWN-BEING.