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KEYS ****

EACH-COMMUNITY needs to take inventory through Objective-AND-Reflexive-Systems-Analyses - - OF EACH OF THE

 1. Where, how, and how-well - - - HONORABLE Coherent-Clusters of: Values, Ideals, Principles, Hopes, Moods
    and Aspirations - - - are-being-TAUGHT in their communities:
    a. By how people budget and spend-their-time-and-personal-energies,
    b. By how people help-each-other in cooperative/collaborative/coordinated efforts,
    c. By how people help each other to Mitigate-their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts,
    d. By how poor-vulnerable-people's most basic-and-health-needs are met.
    e. By how graciously all people engage in open-and-honest-dialogues about all such TEACHING-Processes.

 2. When, where and why one-might-reasonably-expect-that-such-TEACHING would be occurring - - - but for
    some not-clearly-discerned-reasons - - - such TEACHING is NOT-OCCURRING at all well very often.

 3. When, where and how - - - CONTRASTING/CONFLICTING: Values, Ideals, Principles, Hopes, Aspirations,

Expectations and Moods - - - are being taught with major effects within the community BY: a. For-Profit-Corporations in Pervasive Advertising, "News" and Entertainment "Events"; b. Profitable Greedy-People-and-Corporations Focused-Exclusively upon Profits-for-Investors; c. Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters through Military-Industrial-Congressional-Corporations; d. Films, Video-Games, Novels, and War-Movies. e. Recruiting Agencies of the Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes focused on disadvantaged people. f. Domineering-Bullies serving as Religious-Leaders in Large and Small Congregations of Faithful-Followers. g. Domineering-Bullies trying to WIN their Own Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception. h. Profitable-Addicts and their Codependent-Supporters in Coordinated-Distributions of Goods-and-Services. i. Using-and-Abusing inherited-human-instincts to need-intimacy-and-sexual-affirmations in-LOVE. 4. The Natures of and the Details of MANY-CONTRASTING: Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, and Moods; AND Just-How they undermine the works of True-Lovers and Mitigators-of-Alienative-Conflicts - with their Own Patterns-of-Alienation. 5. How Responsible-True-Lovers and Mitigators-of-their Own-Alienative-Conflicts and of-their Own-Patterns- of-Alienation - - - can most helpfully Turn-their-Attentions to the above described Realities and to the Mitigations-of the above Described-Realities. 6. How well For-Profit Corporations-and-Businesses are helping to: a. Improve the Integrities and Health of the Communities that they deal with. b. Improve the Integrities and Healths of the Poorest=-Half of the Customers that they deal with. c. Help their communities become more SUSTAINABLE-IN-THE-LONG-TERM within God's-Astronomically-Tiny- and Isolated Space-Ship-Earth - - - with its Finite Essential-Material-Resources-on-board. 7. How well For-Profit Corporations-and-Businesses are fulfilling the many Original-Scriptural-Calls for Distributive-Justice, Care for Orphans, Care for Widows, and Care for Homeless People who are the victims of Terrorism, Wars, and Economic-Systems that they cannot Trust-With-Integrity. 8. How well For-Profit-Corporations are working to do the following Essential-Tasks: a. Mitigating their Own-Alienative-Conflicts with others in their own communities within Space-Ship-Earth as Village-Earth. b. Mitigating their Own-Patterns Of-Enduring Alienations within their own communities within Space-Ship-Earth as Village-Earth. c. Making Astronomically-Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth Long-Term-Sustainable and Well-Integrated as a Whole-Healthy-Community Demonstrating-Shalom within the Coherent-Ways-of-LOVE. d. Favor their Own-Integrity-and-Health Only-to-the-Extent that their Own-Integrity-and-Health are essential to the Integrity-and-Health of All-of-the-Crew of God's-Astronomically-Tiny and Isolated Space-Ship-Earth.