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KEYS ****

The "Prime-Imperative" for "Domineering-Bullies" and/or for "Mobbing-Mobsters is likely to include words like:

"CLING TO" FOLLOWED-BY:     Possessions      Wealth       Power              Influence          Rights
                            Entitlements    Goods        Plans              Expectations       Positions

                            FOLLOWED-BY:    JUST-FOR:    ME                 US                 Our-Powerful 

                                                         Our-Wealthy        Our-Righteous      Our-Pure    

                                                         Our-Loyal          Our-Obedient       Our-Conformed

                                                         Our-Familiar       Our-Traditional    Our-Believers

                                                         Our-Disciples      Our-Followers      Our-Controlled

                                                         Our-Dependents     Our-Slaves         Our-Machines

                                                         Our-Techniques     Our-Technologies    Our-Technocrats

                                                         Our-Threats        Our-Defenses       Our-Invulnerability