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KEYS ****

It is essential that there be Communal-Public-Affirmations of the Authentic-Logic of Private-True-Lovers - - -

                       Affirming the Importance of   Our-Mitigating   Our-Own-Alienative:

Conflicts     Domination    Violence        Coercion     Shunning      Excommunications    Rejections   Greed   Hoarding

Concentrations-of-Wealth    Concentrations-of-Powers     Concentrations-of-Technologies    Concentrations-of-BOMB-Energy

It is UNHEALTHY for there to be a tension between public-and-private affirmations of the scope of LOVE and of our
Mitigations of our Own-Public-and-Private Alienative-Conflicts.  True-Civility-Civilizations-and-Integrities can 
endure - - - only if they are Affirmed-Coherently in both Public-and-Private-Realms.

BEWARE of giving Domineering-Bullies EXCESSIVE: ATTENTION; Admiration, Honor and/or Power in Public-or-Private-Realms!  

We need to grant   True-Lovers   and Mitigators   of our Own-Alienative-Conflicts - - - MORE-ATTENTION, ADMIRATION, 
HONOR AND POWER    in both Private-and-Public-Realms.