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It will be helpful in Workshops on Mitigating-Alienativve-Conflicts - - - for workshop-participants to be made
aware that it will be possible for DIFFERENT-PARTICIPANTS to Feel-Lead-to-Discern Quite-Different-Reflexive-Implications
- - - upon their reading of some particular essay within-the-different-contexts of their OWN-DIFFERENT-LIVES-

The Overall-Long-Term-Reflexive-Implications of-each-text   DO-NOT-RESIDE-ONLY  IN-ITS-TEXT!   The Reflexive-Implications-and-Meanings

The Overall-Long-Term-Reflexive-Implications of-each-text   DO-RESIDE  WITHIN-THE-INTERACTIONS-AMONG:

 1. The Text-which-HAS-BEEN-READ.
 2. The Whole-Lives of the Actual-Readers of the Essay-Text,
 3. The Previous Experiences-and-Discernments of Actual-Readers of the Essay-Text,
 4. The Parallel-Contemporaneous Experiences-and-Discernments of Actual-Readers of the Essay-Text,
 5. The Parallel-Contemporaneous Experiences-and-Discernments of Intimate-Others to Actual-Readers of the Essay=Text,
 6. Other-Complementary  Reliable-Texts  as read thoughtfully by the Actual-Readers of the Essay-Text,
 7. Other-Complementary  Experiences of the Actual-Readers of the Essay-Text,
 8. The Implications that the Actual-Readers of the Essay-Text can agree upon in Mutually-Satisfactory-Gracious-Ways.
 9. Efforts by Domineering-Bullies to Control various aspects of each of the above processes - - - to their own Profit.

The actual Over-All Long-Term Reflexive-Implications of The-Reflexive-Truths-Pointed-To by an Essay-Text 
DO-NOT reside only in the "Expert-Opinions" of "Any-Few-People"; no matter what their qualifications, powers 
and influences may be in the Short-Term and Provincially.

The actual Over-All Long-Term Reflexive-Implications of The-Truths-Pointed-To by an Essay-Text DO reside in 
the Authenticity, Integrity, and Confirmed-Reliability of The-Reflexive-Truths-Pointed-To by the Essay-Text - - - 
even if those Reflexive-Truths ARE-NOT-WELL understood and appreciated By-ALL-People at the time the Essay-Text was 
written and initially read.  Some early readers may have been trapped in trying to WIN Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-
Deception about the Reflexive-Truths-Pointed-To by the Essay-Text As-Written-by-people who were NOT-TRAPPED in 
any  efforts to WIN Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception that pertained to the Essay-Text as written and initially 

During the late 1900's it was difficult for MANY-PEOPLE around the world to agree on the overall-long-term-
Reflexive-Implications of texts which described the Then-Known probable-long-term-effects of the THEN-EXPONENTIALLY-
GROWING Rates-of-Human-Consumption of Fossil-Fuels, Destructions-of-Forests, and Mono-Cropping of Agricultural-Land 
- - - even though well informed Scientific-Researchers were well on the way to generating wide-spread International-
Consensuses within the various Scientific-Communities - - - that were NOT-DOMINATED by any Domineering-Bullies 
with "Special-Interests" that were threatened by the Actual-Truths-as-Well-Articulated in professional-presentations 
of the findings of unbiased-scientists. The Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception which some Influential-People 
were playing - - - delayed by decades - - - Prudent-Responses to the threats of the THEN-EXPONENTIALLY-GROWING Rates-
of-Hanuman-Consumption of Fossil-Fuels, Destructions-of-Forests, and Mono-Cropping of Agricultural-Land.  Those 
delays have GREATLY increased the threats to the SUSTAINABILITY of Human-Civilization within God's Astronomically-
Tiny-and-Isolated Space-Ship-Earth.