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KEYS ****

Many people find it difficult to recognize the ABSENCE of some particular: person, object, reality, or 
relationship.  It may help such people to learn to recognize the presence of some other person(s),
objects(s), realities, and/or kinds of relationship(s) - - - which are NOT often associated with the 
presence of the particular: person, object or relationship - - - which they do not easily-recognize-as-
absent.  The presence of the latter - - - implies the possible absence-of-the-former - - - because they  
are rarely SEEN-TOGETHER.

The above pattern also occurs with some pairs of: virtues-versus-vices; admired-ideals versus  alienative-ideals, 
honorable-goals versus  disintegrative-goals; etc.   Consider the following dis-associated pairs:

Honesty                    versus              Deception
Authenticity               versus              Pretense
Integrity                  versus              Intolerance
Generosity                 versus              Greed
Hospitality                versus              Animosity
Kindness                   versus              Meanness
Gentleness                 versus              Violence
Friendship                 versus              Contentiousness
Affirmations               versus              Contentiousness
Cooperation                versus              Denigrations
Attentiveness              versus              Indifference
Support                    versus              Neglect
Clarity                    versus              Confusion
Transparency               versus              Obscurity
Liberation                 versus              Obstruction
Sharing                    versus              Hoarding
Balance                    versus              Unilateralism
Mutuality                  versus              Domination
Kindness                   versus              Torture
Trust                      versus              Distrust
Reliability                versus              Chaos
Accuracy                   versus              Confusion
Love                       versus              Animosity
Integration                versus              Alienation
Healthy                    versus              Diseased
Relaxed                    versus              Tense
Shalom                     versus              Anxiety
Confidence                 versus              Fear
Intimacy                   versus              Suspicion
Interdependence            versus              Independence
Humility                   versus              Arrogance
Wisdom                     versus              Naivete
Prudence                   versus              Rigidity
Flexibility                versus              Rigidity
Tolerance                  versus              Self-Righteousness
Reverence                  versus              Egocentricity
Inclusivity                versus              Exclusivity
Patient                    versus              Impatience
Creativity                 versus              Destruction
Integrative                versus              Disintegration
Reconciliation             versus              Alienation
Cooperation                versus              Conflict
Open-Honest-Dialogue       versus              Shunning
Communication              versus              Excommunication

Much which is relevant to our Mitigating Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts is implied above!