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KEYS ****

We will Eventually be Graciously-Together-Enjoying-True: Security, Shalom and Integrity - - - Only-to-the-Extent
that we All-Help-Each-Other-Together: 

 1. To-Enjoy Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about how we can Help-Each-and-Every-Other member of the Crew of 
    God's Astronomically-Tiny-Isolated Space-Ship-Earth; have their Most-Basic-and-Healthy-Needs Fulfilled-
    Adequately  - - -  in the Overall-Presence of Distributive-Justice Regularly-Affirmed.

 2. Transcend-and-Let-Go-Of: The Ideals, Values, Principles, and Virtues - - - of the Life-Styles of 
    Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters.

 3. Transcend-and-Let-Go-Of: Our Own Alienative-Conflicts through Cooperative Efforts to Mitigate the Many-Costs 
    of: Alienations, Ignorance, Prejudices and Biases - - - which Generate and Sustain Alienative-Conflicts.

 4. Transcend and Let-go-Of: Beliefs that we can Truly-Augment Our-Own-Security - - - at the expense of Other-

 5. Transcend and Let-Go-Of: Beliefs that we can Truly-Augment Our-Own-Integrity - - - at the expense of Other-
    People's-Diverse-Integrities and On-Going Diverse-Integrative-Processes.

 6. Transcend and Let-Go-Of: Beliefs that we can Truly-Augment Our-Own: Peace, Health and Shalom - - - at the 
    Expense-of Other-People's:  Peace, Health and Shalom.

 7. Transcend and Let-Go-Of: Beliefs that we can With-Integrity Augment-Our-Own-Well-Being-and-Integrity  - - - 
    at the Expense of Anybody-Else's Well-Being-and-Integrity.

 8. To Adopt and Affirm in Words-and-Deeds - - - Gracious-Moods of Being Appropriately and in Timely-Ways:

    a. Thankful,
    b. Mutually-Supportive as far as possible,
    c. Reverent in the Humble-and-Modest ways of LOVE,
    d. Mutually-Appreciative in Reciprocally-Balanced ways,
    e. Worthy-of-Trust - - - Through-Open-and-Honest-Dialogues,
    f. Worthy-of-Admiration - - - through Transparent-Diligence,
    g. Worthy-of-Praise - - - as Reliable-Integrators,
    h. Worthy-of-Respect-and-Honor in Shalom's-Sanctuaries of LOVE,
    i. Cheerful-and-Joyful - - - In the Authentic-Ways-of-Shalom,
    j. Patient in the Prudent-Ways-of-LOVE,
    k. Honest-in-Making-Affirmations - - - in Authentic-Integrative-Ways-of-Shalom,
    l. Tolerant of Uniquely-Different-Creative-Lovers and Mitigators of their Own-Alienative-Conflicts,
    m. Systemic-Supporters of Distributive-Justice for-All Members of the Crew of Space-Ship-Earth.
    n. Honest, Accurate and Long-Term-Reliable Describers of Authentic-Realities as Personally-Experienced.