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KEYS ****

It will be helpful to offer various people; various kinds of Workshops on Helping-Each-Other to Mitigate-Our-Own
Alienative-Conflicts - - - because different people will have different needs and perspectives; e.g.:

 1. Early Adolescents,
 2. Young-People in courtship-proceedings.
 3. People approaching marriage,
 4. Pregnant women and their partners,
 5. Caretakers of Newly-Born-Babies,
 6. Caretakers and teachers of young children,
 7. Caretakers and teachers of Grad-School-Children,
 8. Caretakers and teachers of Adolescents,
 9. High-School-Students, their Advisors and Parents;
10. College and University Students, their Professors and Advisors;
11. Victims of Addictions and Codependent-Relationships;
12. Domineering-Bullies, Mobbing-Mobsters and their Victims;
13. Victims of Work-Place-Abuses,
14. People involved in Sexually-Abusive-Relationships and Enslavements therein,
15. People who are victims of Sexual-Discrimination and Segregation,
16. People entrapped in Profitable Wars of Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes,
17. People entrapped in Colonial degradations of Powerful-Nations' Colonial-Empires,
18. People entrapped in Alienative-Theological-Conflicts,
19. People entrapped in Alienative-Religious-Institutional-Conflicts,
20. People entrapped in Alienative-Religious-Scientific-Conflicts,
21. People entrapped in Alienative-Religious-Political-Conflicts,
22. People entrapped in Wealth-Concentration-Conflicts among Greedy-Domineering-Bullies,
23. People entrapped in Power-Concentration-Conflicts among Greedy-Domineering-Bullies,
24. People entrapped in Conflicts over Systemic-Distributive-Injustice,
25. People entrapped in Conflicts over Nations-Efforts to Expand-Their Territories, Powers and Wealth,
26. People entrapped in Conflicts augmented by Scientific-Engineering-Technocratic-Revolutions,
27. People entrapped in Conflicts over the Realities of Global-Warming-Influenced-by-Human-Exponential-Growths,
28. People entrapped in Conflicts over Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes and their Excessive-Powers,
29. People entrapped in Conflicts over the Destruction-of-Communities by Reverence-for-Economic-Systems,
30. People entrapped in Trying-to-Generate-Security through Mutually-Assured-Total-Global-Destruction,
31. People entrapped in trying to-Create-Security-Via-Invulnerability and Unilateral-Actions,
32. People entrapped in Conflicts over Healthy-Honest-Mutually-Agreeable Intimate-Personal-Relationships,
33. People entrapped in Conflicts over Unilateral-Universal-Standards-for-Proper-Conformity,
34. People entrapped in Playing-to-WIN Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception according to secret rules,
35. People entrapped in Conflicts over Concentrating-Wealth-and-Powers via Loans-at-High-Interest-Rates,
36. People entrapped in Conflicts over managing the last years of life with integrity.
37. People entrapped in Conflicts over Universal-Access-to-Basic-Health-Sustaining-Services essential to civilization,
38. People entrapped in the prisons of Health-Insurance-Companies dedicated to serving Big-Profits to their Investors,
39. People entrapped in Non-Sustainable Levels of communal-Responsibilities,


                                    40. People Afflicted by Conflicts Pertaining to:

Unrestrained-Greedy-Capitalists     Responsibilities to be Hospitable          Responsibilities-to-Religious-Institutions

Diverse-Visions-of-Creation         Diverse-Descriptions-of-the-Cosmos         Diverse-Descriptions-of-Causes-and-Effects

Objective vs Reflexive-Realities    Myths-Affirming-Redemptive-Technologies    Myths-Affirming-Redemptive-Alienative-Acts

Non-Violent-Resistance              Civil-Disobedience                         Protecting Guaranteed-Humane-Rights

Publications of New-Descriptions    Publications of Dissenting-Descriptions    Proving-Descriptions to be Inaccurate

Alternative Accurate Descriptions   Alternative-Ways-to-Mitigate-Conflicts     Alternative-Ways-to-Mitigate-Alienation

What and/or Who can be GOOD         What and/or Who can be EVIL                What and/or Who Merits Reverence

What and/or Who Merits Worship      What Isolated Ideals are Transcendent      What Isolated Values are Transcendent


Similarly for: Moods, Attitudes, Disposition, Habits, Reflexes, Traditions, Habits, Rituals, Liturgies, etc.



In each of the above instances and contexts it is possible for diverse people to find/create ways to cooperate

in helping  each other  to Overall-in-the-Long-Term   Mitigate/Reduce Their-Own Alienation-Generating:

Conflicts    Misunderstandings      Ignorance     Prejudices     Biases    Coercion     Violence    Greed     Hoarding   

Commands     Collusive Games MSD    Arrogance     Pretenses      Dishonesty  Threats    Attacks     Terrors   Fears
Contentions  Polarizations          Dichotomies   Negations      Self-Righteousness     Demands     Denigrations